Kanger Evod 2 Dual Bottom Coil Tank

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The newly re-designed KangerTech EVOD 2 bottom coil tank. Taking what was great about the previous EVOD and making improvements. Bottom Dual coil, improved airflow and stylish design.

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1 x Kanger Evod 2 Dual Bottom Coil Tank

2ml Capacity
1.5ohms atomizer head
Dual Coil atomizers
Stainless Steel Construction.
Improved Airflow
Polycarbonate tank.
Replaceable drip tip. (uses standard 510 drip tips)

How to Use
To fill the Evod clearomizer unscrew the base unit. Hold the clearomizer upside down and fill with approximately 2ml of liquid (along the side of the unit, avoiding the air hole). While it is still upside down screw the base back onto the tank. The Evod clearomizer is now ready for use. Once the atomizer head on your Evod clearomizer is burnt out, replace with a new atomizer head. To do this, just unscrew the old atomizer from the Evod's base unit and change over

Wash the unit with warm water and leave to dry before use.

510 and Ego compatible

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kanger


8 review(s) for the Kanger Evod 2 Dual Bottom Coil Tank
GoodReview by
Overall Rating
Pretty good cheap replacement for additional flavours to try!
(Posted on 21/06/2015)
GoodReview by
Overall Rating
i keep some of these if i don't have a dripper around, it's easy to keep flavours and can colour code.
(Posted on 05/05/2015)
4 starsReview by
Overall Rating
I bought this tank as a cheap tank for a flavour change , i did not expect the performance it gave for the price was good , sure its not a Nautilus mini but it is quite impressive , right now i have it on my battery with a juice that i dont like in my mini but i love it in this , lots of Vapour , well enough to satisfy , so yea for a back up tank and for the price 4 stars 1 off because i am constantly filling it.
(Posted on 06/03/2015)
An amazing product but....Review by
Overall Rating
I end up refilling this 4-5 times a day! I don't vape THAT much and wonder what the heck is going on. Each time I fill it to just below the air hole which is the maximum.

Otherwise, this is the first tank I've tried that does not leak which is awesome.

But, at the rate I'm having to refill, I will likely be trying out others.

(Posted on 22/11/2014)
BrilliantReview by
Overall Rating
Absolutely brilliant product. Since trying these out I won't be using any others. By far the best I've used.
(Posted on 24/06/2014)
Good clearoReview by
Overall Rating
Overall, a really nice clearomizer. Good looks and works well too. Have been using this with the spinner II and cant report that i'm satisfied with it. Would definitely recommend.
(Posted on 12/05/2014)
Great but slightly flawedReview by
Overall Rating
Preferring my vapes to be of the portable stealthy variety I've sworn for a while by the Evod. It's small and it just works most of the time, and when it doesn't it's usually easy to fix.

So I got pretty excited when the Evod 2 came out, and ALMOST rightly so!

Compared to the orginal Evod we now have the very welcome addition of changeable drip tips, and dual coil in the same tiny package as the original Evod. In fact if you loved the size of the original Evod then in theory stick a shorter drip on this and you've got an even smaller package! Thanks to the dual bottom coil when it works you can now get a really good vape with a lot of flavour... That's right I said it, when it works.

You see sadly there is one small flaw, it's not a deal breaker but it is a bit fiddly, and that's that the well the bottom of the coil sits in appears to be just a smidge too deep, this means that sometimes it won't quite make proper contact with the battery. I'd love to say it was just one particular type of battery but I've tried this now on an iTaste VV, a Vision 400mah, and even a mech mod and although by far the most noticable on the iTaste on all three I've experienced the same poor contact issue.

There is a bit of a fix in that if you pull the bottom stub on the bottom of the coil out a tiny bit that fixes it until it gets pushed back in again. Also I guess you should shim it with something as a bit more of a long term fix, but really it's not the perfect clearo I and maybe you if you were reading this was hoping for.

However please please please Evod fans don't let me ruin you're day too much, because I don't have all bad news. When I bought this I also bought the new Evod glass which is similar size, uses the same coil, and is a similar design (it is a tiny bit taller) in all ways but one, the centre of the coil sits just a bit lower so you don't get this issue (well I haven't yet). It's only a little bit more expensive as well so seriously ignore this one and get the Evod glass instead.

(Posted on 08/04/2014)
Wow!Review by
Overall Rating
I've been using a stock 400 mah ego with Smok EBC atomizers (Closest thing on this site is the Innokin iClear 16D) recently upgrade to a vision spinner and one of these tanks and all I can say is wow! I vape 40/60 P/V and at around 4.1 volts this makes my favourite flavour taste twice as good! adds a slight warmth to the vape but the increase in flavour is insane

(Posted on 02/04/2014)

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