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Make the Switch

From Smoking to Vaping

Our aim at UK ECIG STORE has always been to inform and educate those who are looking to make the transition from smoking to vaping. Whether you are just beginning your journey or you already made the switch to vaping and are looking for more concise information. We are here to help you along the way.

The One Kit - Starter Kit

The One Kit - Starter Kit

Includes E-Liquids plus a Pack of Coils

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to change coils
  • Best Flavour and Cloud Production
NOW £26.99
SAVE £20.48
Innokin Podin Vape Pod Kit

Innokin Podin Vape Pod Kit

Includes E-Liquids plus a Pack of Coils

  • Long battery life
  • Portable & Easy to Use
  • Auto-Draw and Power Button
NOW £31.49
SAVE £17.45
Smok Pozz X Vape Pod Kit

Smok Pozz X Vape Pod Kit

Includes E-Liquids plus a Pack of Coils

  • Long battery life
  • Suitable for MTL or DTL Vaping Styles
  • Adjustable Air Flow
NOW £31.49
SAVE £16.46

Facts About Smoking

  • Around 106,000 people in the UK are killed by smoking every year, accounting for one-fifth of all UK deaths.[1]
  • Smoking can cause at least 15 different types of cancer from the lung, bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver, cervix, leukaemia, and more.[2]
  • The average smoker will lose about 10 years of life because of their smoking[1]
  • Over the last ten years, the price of tobacco has increased by 97%.[3]

Give Up this October

During October the NHS champions an annual initiative to inspire people to give up smoking cigarettes to improve health and wellbeing, the NHS backed scheme has helped thousands of Britons quit cigarettes by taking a break from smoking over October, offering 28-day support and advice throughout the month and beyond.

Can Vaping help?

Unlike traditional tobacco, cigarettes in addition to tar and carbon monoxide can contain close to 3,000 harmful additives. E-liquid, the liquid formula you inhale or ‘vape’ from an electronic device, only contains four main ingredients: organic compounds propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, food-grade flavourings and nicotine.

When mixed together, these non-toxic ingredients produce a nicotine-rich vapour that simulates cigarette smoke without the associated harm, which also reduces cravings to sharply lessen the anxiety and pressure smokers feel around quitting cigarettes, making it more likely they’ll never pick one up again.

When compared to traditional smoking, vaping is 95% safer than smoking[4] - As cigarettes are burning, they release more particulates and make toxins easily absorbable for your body.

“vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.”

- Public Health England -

“E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement treatments, such as patches and gum.”

- Queen Mary University of London -

How Easy Is It To Quit?

It is easy if you are willing to make the jump. In Great Britain, 58.4% of people aged 16 years and above who currently smoked said they wanted to quit and 61.3% of those who have ever smoked said they had quit. Of those people, 30% will succeed with the use of an e-cigarette[5]. When you find an e-cig that suits your lifestyle and needs, it will make the transition far easier than you might think.

With so many models, juices and strengths to try, you absolutely can find the right one - even if you’ve tried someone else’s and didn’t like it, there is still a vape to suit you.

From to pod kits, vape pens to box mods, nicotine-free all the way up to 24mg e-liquid and an extensive variety of flavours to pick, vaping is incredibly unique to every user. The key is understanding your smoking habits, selecting the correct device, juice and nicotine strength to suit you.

What Are the Diffreneces Between Vaping Devices

Cig a like Device


Pen Style Device

Vape Pens (Mouth to Lung)

Pod System Device

Pod System Vape Kits

Sub Ohm Device

Sub Ohm Kits (Direct to Lung)

Cig-a-likes are sleek, lightweight and mimic the design and style of smoking very closely. They’re a disposable kind of e-cigarette and carry a limited amount of vape juice and have limited battery life. They’re a starting point for your vaping journey but do cost more over time.

Pod kits also have a lightweight and sleek design that can fit into your pocket and replicates the sensation of smoking. They’re fuelled with pre-filled pods which are sometimes refillable making them a cost-effective option.

Vape pens are a popular choice for new vapers. They have a good battery life, which can range from a few hours up to a day. They’re simple to use and you can refill them meaning you don’t need to spend money on pod refills.

Vape kits are used by more advanced and more experienced vapers. They have significantly longer battery life, they are a more sizable device when compared to pod kits and vape pens and can be customised more with different tanks. Like vape pens, they’re also refillable.

If you need some advice, pop into your local UK ECIG STORE or check out our guide on how to choose your first vape kit.

What About E-Liquid?

Getting the correct amount of nicotine in your e-liquid is an important consideration when you’re making the transition. Too little and you won’t get enough satisfaction out of it and may revert back to smoking cigarettes, too much and you could get that nicotine headache or dizziness.

If you’re a heavy smoker (more than a pack a day) we’d suggest starting on a higher nicotine level, around 18-20mg. If you smoke a pack a day, it's best to go for a 12mg strength. For those of you who are light smokers, smoking only a few through the day, we recommend trying out the 6mg strength. For anyone who’s a social smoker, try starting out on 3mg.

Once you’ve adjusted to the feel of vaping and have decided on a strength that works well with you, over time you can gradually reduce the mg level. If you cut out nicotine altogether but still want to enjoy your favourite vape juices - just find it in a 0mg instead as well as in larger 50ml short fill bottles.

Get a more in depth look into what goes into vape juice in our E Liquid Guide.

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