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Sometimes vaper may like what is not popular in the vaping world, but in all cases what is good is the most popular vape liquid flavours in the market. Flip through the vape liquids that have grown in popularity due to the care and dedication given by their manufacturers!

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We are always introducing new flavours, so why not explore our latest vape liquids to find your best vape liquid flavour from refreshing fruits to classic dessert, menthol or tobacco vape liquids.

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We are pleased to feature some of the best vape liquid brands available today. From LDN LIQ to Dinner Lady and IVG, in this category you will fin the best vape liquid brand UK based and worldwide!

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Guides & Information

When shopping for vape liquids it is highly important to have some base knowledge or at least be provided with factual information of vaping products. In our Guides and Information page you will be able to find most frequently asked questions and guides for beginners and intermediate vapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in vape liquid?

Vape liquid, E Juice or vape juice is the liquid which is used in all electronic cigarettes. It is made up of four main components which are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine in some cases and flavourings. All vape liquids sold by us match the regulation enforced by the UK government and are tested to guarantee they are safe, with backing from the NHS from 2015, stating that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. With that being said, however, there is one thing to worry about, nicotine itself. Nicotine is not something to take likely; over absorption can lead anywhere from headaches to migraines and so forth. There are thousands of amazing flavours to choose from, all unique and with their own flavour notes. For more information on nicotine, check out our new blog for the best advice and what nicotine you should vape, visit one of our stores or contact us.

How to change liquid in vape?

If you are looking to change your vape liquid flavour in your device, there are a few facts that you should know first. It is technically possible to change one flavour for another, and nothing major needs to be done if the flavour profiles are closely resembling each other, for example changing a blueberry menthol for a mint flavour. But if instead you want to change a custard based flavour for a lemonade one, then you should consider changing your vape coil and rinse your vape tank/pod before refilling with the desired flavour; since the current coil with retain some of the flavour residues, and ultimately having weird taste when combined with the flavouring of the new vape liquid.

How long does vape liquid last?

Vape liquid duration is expected to change from user to user, as vapers will own different devices and will have also different vaping habits (such as chain vaping, or casual vaping). For example if you intend to use a 10ml vape liquid with an MTL device, this could last you anywhere between 800 to 1000 puffs, but if instead if a Sub-Ohm device is used for the same amount of vape liquid, the puffs will reduce to anywhere between 200 to 500 puffs. In average nicotine salts tents to last longer, as they contain benzoic acid, which gives it a different chemical complexion cabable of being absorbed by your body at a much faster rate and fundamentally stopping nicotine cravings in a much shorter amount of time.

What is the cheapest vape site

Here in our vape shop we have many deals that include many types of e cigarettes like vape pens, vape pods and sub-ohm devices. We also have a large number of promotional offers like vaping subscriptions, multi-buys and mystery boxes, you can also get free eliquid with some of our vape kits.

Why should I buy vape juice online?

When browing for vape liquid or any vape product for that matter, you should be considering where you are making your purchases and which company you should trust. UK ECIG STORE is a company that demands the best quality in the product that they are selling, and since we are vapers ourselves we can ensure that our demands are met in our vaping catalougues. From the best vape liquid brands UK to all the best vape liquid online, UK ECIG STORE provides not only quality and convenience, but also the assurance that the products you are purchasing are of genuine nature.

How to find best vape liquids?

Ensuring quality when buying vape liquid is fundamental for an online shopper, and when you are making a purchase from a well established company that sense of insecurity tends to fade away. UK ECIG STORE was founded in 2012, back when vaping was still considered not much more than fad, and since then it has helped millions of vapers with the supply of premium vape liquid from both the UK and worldwide. If you are looking for the best vape liquids, you are sure to find the best vape liquid flavours in our site.

What is a shortfill liquid?

A Shortfill liquid is a nicotine free flavour filled in a 60ml container with 50ml of vape liquid, leaving a 10ml gap should the user require to add a nicotine shot in their flavours. Before the TPD regulations Shortfill liquids did not exist, since manufacturers were free to create any vape liquid flavour containing nicotine larger than 10ml without any restrictions; since the TPD regulations this is no longer possible, and then subquenlty shortfilled liquid rose in popularity, in order to allow vapers to carry large contents of vape liquid should they require so.

Will any liquid work in my vape kit?

Depending on which device you are using, your tank/pod may be more suited for either a larger content of PG (propylene glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin). MTL devices will always use a vape liquid with a PG content of 50% or higher, whereas a Sub-Ohm device will instead be better suited for a VG content of 60% or higher. Equipping your tank/pod with a vape liquid with the wrong density could cause unpleasant experiences; using high VG vape liquids on an MTL device will burn your coil prematurely, and using a high PG vape liquid with a Sub-Ohm device will inevitably make yout tank/pod leak very frequently.

How often does vape liquid need to refill?

This totally depend on what vape you are using, the type and amount of nicotine used, along with your vaping habits. Typically you would need to refill your vape on average 3/5 times a day depending on usage, but refills can increase if you are using a Sub-Ohm device at a high wattage, or could decrease with a MTL vape outputting at a low wattage.

What is the most popular vape liquid?

There are many premium vape liquids brands that can be considered the most popular, which can feature very popular vape liquid flavours. Among the most successful you can find Kanzi by Twelve Monkey’s, Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady, and Blue Crush fro UK ECIG. There are obviously many more that deserve reckognition, for this reason we suggest you to look into our featured brands, or alternatively check out our popular flavours page to have a deeper look into the best vape liquid flavours out there.