Product Details

A 60ml plastic bottle for you to use for either safe storage of your e-liquid or for making your life a little easier when mixing a 100ml short fill with two 10ml bottles of nicotine. Who knew a plastic bottle would come in so handy?

Product Specification

1 x 60ml Unicorn Bottle

60ml Bottle
Chubby Gorilla Style
Needle Filling Tip

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Customer Reviews

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a must have for any juice mixer

i mix my own liquid and finding a bottle to store them in is a little bit of a pain. these make it so easy and i buy at least 2 a month. it makes it easy to be able to give a bunch of juice to buddies or anyone who wants to try them.

Staff Review

60ml Unicorn Bottle

I know things like these may seem like a bit much but an empty juice bottle can really come in handy! it's easy if you vape a 3mg juice because you only need one nic shot and there is only space for one in the bottle anyway. I personally vape a 6mg which means there is no space for my second nic shot, queue the Unicorn bottle! these bottles are really great because they cost pennies, and allow you to mix whatever you want! i usually dump in both nic shots first and then my liquid which when filled to the top is the perfect 6mg ratio. all that's left to be done is shake and vape!

By Yianno