Holy Juicy - Holy Fiber Cotton

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Holy Juice Fiber is a cellulose fiber made from wood pulp that is extremely absorbent and specially developed to enhance the flavour and wicking performance for your RDA, RBA and RDTA tanks. 

Manufactured from a high-end cellulose fiber, purified to remove all traces of residue, Holy Fiber lasts longer than traditional puff cotton and increases the hit of nicotine whilst remaining easy to wicks.

Why Holy fiber is safer than cotton?

Holy Fiber cellulose is a wood-pulp base cotton with a better heat resistance than traditional cotton ensuring fewer dry hits and a better flavour and cloud production.

How to use Holy Fiber Cotton:

Using the cellulose cotton is different to traditional cotton, start ensuring that there is no space between the wick and the col but that the fiber can still move a little when you “pull” on one side or the other (you should hear a little squeak) .

Customer Reviews

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Love using this cotton

It is quite hard to find this cotton online and I have used it before a few times. I love rebuilding and have found this to be one of the most absorbent cottons available anywhere. It would normally use Cotton Bacon if i can't find this!

Product Specification


1 x Holy Juice – Holy Fiber


Easy to wick
100% Tasteless
Heat resistance up to 420 °C compared to traditional cotton at 225  °C
Last longer than cotton
More durable than traditional cotton