Kangertech - UBoat Pod E-Cigarette Kit

by Kanger
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Smart, convenient, small and compact! The Kangertech Uboat is designed so that you can carry it anywhere with ease, no need to assemble it, just vape. This device has a smart air control which can be turned on or off.

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Product Specification

1 x Kangertech - U Boat Pod Mod
1 x Kangertech - U Boat Pod Tank
1 x Specialized Charging Dock
1 x User Manual

Kangertech - U Boat Pod Mod
Dimensions: 22mm X 61mm X 15mm
Built-In 550 mAh Battery
Output Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Via Specialized Charging Dock
Compatible only with Kangertech - U Boat Pod Tank

Kangertech - U Boat Pod Tank
Dimensions: 38mm X 22mm X 15mm
Capacity: 2ml
Coil Material: Ceramic
Coil Resistance: 1.5_
Bottom Fill
Bottom Fixed Airflow

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Staff Review

UBoat Pod E-Cigarette Kit


The UBoat from Kangertech is a new product with a familiar technology, meaning t’s an ecig with a pod system. We’ve seen this before but is this attempt any good? Let's find out.

Personal opinion:

The UBoat device is a pretty thing to see. When people mention an ecig nowadays, it almost always produces an image of a huge mod with a dripping atomiser or a tank. Kangertech have gone down the route of producing a submarine shaped ecig but have they succeeded? Kind of. It’s more reminiscent of a cigar or something that would be found in an Ann Summers store than a German UBoat submarine. However, styling wise it’s pretty sleek. There's a black on black style going on which i dig, not going to lie, even if the device itself is textured, with the pods being smooth.

Power wise, its a standard 3.7v output through the pods which by the way, you can purchase more pods if you wanted to. With that, i guess the feature that matters for most people is the fact that the pods arrive empty. This means that you don't have to change pods every time you run out of juice, you can simply fill them back up or have to hunt them down in the long run so that's a plus. The problem i found however is that the pods themselves are a little too dark for my liking. I needed to kind of lift them to a light source to see my juice level which can be a plus to some people, which adds to the whole stealth business.

The charger is a usb and at first glance, it looks like a magnetic charger. However, it’s actually a press fit charger with the contacts being exposed at the end and all you have to do, is just press the two together.

Verdict? It vapes pretty much like every pod system, with this being a bit better. I’m pretty sure, the pods have an updated coil system, because the UBoat beats the pod systems i’ve tried so far. Either way, it’s a great little stealth vape and a decent performer.


Multiple pods are a great thing to carry, especially if they are filled with different liquids and flavours. You could mix and match to make your daily vape that much better.

By Yianno