Vaporshark Nautilus BVC Temperature Sensing Coil TSC (5 pack)

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Vaporshark has created a fantastic new coil for use with the Nautilus BVC tanks, which takes advantage of the new temperature limiting technology made famous with the rDNA40 device. PLEASE NOTE: THESE COILS ARE TO ONLY BE USED WITH THE DNA40 BOARD, USE OF THESE COILS WITHOUT THE DNA40 BOARD MAY DAMAGE THE COIL

Product Specification

1 x 5 pack of Nautilus TSC's

Replacement atomizer heads for the Nautilus family of tanks
Featuring coils wrapped from pure Nickel (NI-200) wire at 0.3 ohms,
The coils allow you to monitor and limit the temperature your coils are reaching.
Because these coils are only for use on devices powered by Evolv's DNA 40 board, we have changed the colour of the silicone ring on the atomizer heads from clear to Vapor Shark blue for increased safety and ease of identification.

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