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The AnyMod is a powerful Variable voltage electronic Cigarette mod with a built in LCD display. Great looks, easy to use and capable of producing a huge amount of vapour!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
OK as a backup mod

I have the pink model as all the other colours were out of stock. It's not as bad as I thought; more a salmon (or peachy) pink. I agree with another reviewer that you have to do too much clicking to get it back on if it switches itself off. There is no way of stopping it from switching itself off when left for a couple of minutes, and there's no way to turn off the display when vaping; however you can specify how long it takes for the display to switch off after you've finished vaping. There are no instructions but you can access functions and change settings with a combination of one,two,three and five clicks. The firing button is almost flush with the body of the mod so doesn't have the clunkiness that I prefer, but the mod itself is very solidly built. It won't take all my 18650 batteries however, the tube diameter's a bit small for some of them, though they all look the same....I haven't had that problem with any other mod. It came with a battery which was DOA (not just discharged). Overall , it's a bit fiddly OS-wise but at the (black friday) price what can you say? It'll do as a spare.

Need to Upgrade the FW

this was my first MOD and initially I was ok with it how ever, the MOD shutdown it self if I left it for 2 mint which means I have to go all over again clicking five times then two clicks to power on the device then select the MOD ...too much clicks. \r\

Really good

I like it. This is my first mod and I use it with a Kanger Protank 3. It is robust and works really good. \r\n\r\nThe display is big and you can see all the information at once: resistance, V or W and battery status. It comes with a 2200mA battery and you

Good stuff.

Loving this mod. After a month a half of touring around Europe I came back and decided that the \one\ kit really didn\'t have the battery life and features I was after so I bought one of these coupled with a Kanger Aerotank. \r\n\r\nVery solid build, nice

Product Specification

1 x AnyMOD Battery Body
1 x AnyMOD Control Head
1 x 18650 Battery 2200mAh
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Extension USB cable


18650 3.7V battery
PCB with 4 Amperage output limit
Variable Voltage and Wattage
RMS Output
Improved 360 turning button
Short Circuit protection and Over-Discharge Protection
Reverse battery protection and battery monitoring
Vented tail cap
Aluminium body
LCD display

Voltage Control Range: 3.0--6.0 V with 0.1 volt increments
Wattage Control Range: 3.0--15.0 watts with 0.5 watt increments
Dimensions: 5.3' L x 0.9' D

510 Threaded and Ego Threaded

To ensure optimal battery performance, we advise that the battery contacts are regularly cleaned. Our electronic cigarette batteries contain micro-electronic circuitry and microprocessors. Users should store and handle these items with special care, and we advise our customers do not to store their electronic cigarettes near metallic or magnetized objects, or electronic transmitting devices, such as keys and mobile phones and to avoid extremely high or low storage temperatures