Vaping Outlaws - Mayhem

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Product Details

Mayhem of 14 different fruits are bound to cause a havoc in anyone’s world! Flavours of mango, smash into guava and pineapple, challenging the most subtle tropical notes to blend into each other arriving at perfect calm after the storm.

Prominent flavour(s): Tropical fruits

Please note: Mayhem 50ml and 100ml Short Fill E-Liquids will expire on 12/11/19

Product Specification

1 x Bottle of Vaping Outlaws E-Liquid Features
Max VG
No Animal Extracts
No Alcohol
No Diacetyl
Kosher Friendly
Halal Friendly
Vegan Friendly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

nice e liqueds

This is crazy

This juice should be renamed as Insane. The flavour is just epic with no over lingering aftertaste, just the right amount of fruity blast to throat hit. The only problem I had was no "one" person could identify what flavour they could taste? I thought I could taste Blackcurrant, my wife thought it was Peach and my Bro thought it was grape and our mum thought it was strawberry? The fact is, this juice is just amazing and I now need to order it in bulk because everyone in my family wants it.

This is a flavour to die for!

I bought this juice after it was recommended in store. it was love at first vape, the amount of flavours to chose from just from one bottle is insane! 10/10 Recommended, and you can take that to the bank!

Not half as sweet as some, which im starting to think is a good thing.

It took me a while to figure out if I liked it :P I used to like very sweet juices in comparison, I really wasnt sure at first but find my self coming back to this and my older sweet juices are making feel groggy and the sweetness is just too intense. Im


Would definetly buy this again, good flavour, good consistancy

Staff Review

Complete e-liquid Mayhem!

The Vaping Outlaws first hit the scene with a few nice tricks in their arsenal and this is one of them! Mayhem is a mixed fruit e-liquid which focuses more in the tropical fruits variety. It's one of those juices you have to vape and experience but trust me when I say that it's worth it!

By Dave