Sigelei ZMAX Gold Edition

by Sigelei
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ZMAX Gold Edition by Sigelei brings you the option of using variable voltage or variable wattage. Also featuring a telescopic body and new OLED screen.

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Great value

This is a good mod, solidly built with a nice clunky firing button. No instructions supplied but functions can be accessed with the usual 5, 3 & 1 clicks. At the (black friday) price it's a steal.

Product Specification

1 x Sigelei ZMAX Gun Metal

Can use either variable voltage or variable wattage.
Wattage range: 3-15W
Voltage Range: 3-6V
A telescope body feature meaning different battery sizes can be used; such as: 18350, 18500 or 18650 (to be purchased separately).
A new OLED screen with two line display meaning the screen is much easer to use and read.
Power/Voltage up. Raises the power or voltage up.
Power/Voltage Down. Lowers the power or voltage.
Battery Voltage. Shows remaining battery voltage.
LCD Display. Change what is displayed on your screen during use. Resistance, Battery Voltage, or Output power/voltage
LCD on/off. Turns the LCD screen on or off during use.
Power / Voltage setting. Allows you to set the output to power(watts) or Voltage.
RMS & Mean Setting. Allows you to use RMS or Mean output for Power/Voltage. (RMS is recommended)

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