Kanger Protank 2

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The Kanger Protank 2 is a glue-free and fully disassemble-able tank. It is has a 510 threaded allowing to use this with any 510 or ego style battery. With a replaceable atomizer head system and a 2.5ml capacity, this tank is easy to maintain and use.

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Product Description


1 x Kanger Protank 2
1 x 510 Drip tip
2 x Atomizer Heads for Kanger Mini-Protank 2
1 x Plinth

Glue Free: All parts are replaceable
Can be fitted with a choice of Drip tips
Replaceable bottom coil atomizer heads
Pyrex Glass Tank
2.5ml capacity

How to use
To fill the Protank unscrew the base unit. Hold the Clearomizer upside down and fill with approximately 1.5ml of liquid (along the side of the unit, avoiding the air hole). While it is still upside down screw the base back onto the Protank. The Kanger Protank 2 is now ready for use. Once the atomizer head on your Protank is burnt out, replace with a new atomizer head. To do this, just unscrew the old atomizer from the Protanks's base unit and change over.

Wash the unit with warm water and leave to dry before use.

Can be used with any ego style battery or 510 threaded battery.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kanger


15 review(s) for the Kanger Protank 2
PerfectReview by
Overall Rating
Best one yet have the aero tank mini but much prefare the pro tank 2
(Posted on 19/09/2014)
It's amazing don't know why everyone is fussingReview by
Overall Rating
Got it today it's so good, amazing smoke production , very well made, all together it's just amazing
(Posted on 14/08/2014)
Good but needs skillReview by
Overall Rating
This is a great tank! Vapes great with plumes of good vape.
Now there are some tips..... This will gurgle and can leak but the positives outweigh the negatives by a mile.
Firstly the tank is glass. This is good for not leaching liquid flavour into the container and leaching plastic into the fluid.
Pro tip: If it does gurgle, turn it upside down, place some paper towel round the bottom thread and give it a blow to get rid of the extra fluid and leave it upside-down for a few minutes and then your golden. For a great vape, you will not find a trouble free solution for this price or even three times the price. Buy it and learn how to maintain it (youtube is awesome) and you won't go far wrong.

(Posted on 09/08/2014)
Great tank, just a bit heavyReview by
Overall Rating
Like many, I started out on e-cigs like the Blu's or the Fins but never really felt satisfied with my cigarette cravings. And so I started with an ego style battery and one of the throw away clearomizers but never really got the big vapor cloud that I desired.

I finally broke down and bought the Kanger Protank 2. My initial reaction was that it was garbage as it leaked down into the battery connection. So I looked online and noted that I had not fully tightened everything that I should have really snugged down. Once I did that, the leaking stopped. Now I get some pretty decent vapor clouds (my wife says they resemble the Nevada nuclear test grounds from the 50's and 60's at times) I just know that I'm a lot more satisfied with my vaping now and don't crave tobacco cigarettes nearly as often.

It's only real down side is that it's a might heavy unit compared to throw away clearomizers. But it feels mighty solid with the heft of the weight.

I did have to replace the drip tip on mine (not bought from this store) as the one I bought locally had a loose drip tip and eventually I was vaping and pulled away from my mouth and the drip tip stayed in my lips while the e-cig was in my hand. Not a big deal, found a drip tip that was comfortable for me for about $4

(Posted on 21/07/2014)
rubbishReview by
Overall Rating
Do not waste your money this did nothing but leak both ends if you filled it up more than 25% you can't get a vape from it avoid avoid avoid!
(Posted on 13/07/2014)
Its bang onReview by
Overall Rating
Bought it on Saturday after using the overpriced E cigs, the draw & smoke produced is superb, enjoying not smelling of old ashtrays..........& if the clear nicotine lasts as long as the chap who flogged it to me says it does, @smoking will cost me about £7/week! bargain
(Posted on 16/06/2014)
Great tankReview by
Overall Rating
I love this tank.
(Posted on 15/06/2014)
Great ProductReview by
Overall Rating
The most best product i have used is protank 2 by kangertech, never had any fluding or any prob's with it. I highly recommend it to all,,



(Posted on 15/04/2014)
Pretty good, not as the davide Review by
Protank 2 is a pretty good tank, and I really cannot say anything bad about it, I just simply prefer the davide anyvape over this. No particular reason, I guess only but the shape. Speedy service as always
(Posted on 21/02/2014)
Not as impressed as I thought I would be.Review by
Overall Rating
I bought the Protank 3 as a replacement for
when my old Innokin iClear 30 finally dies.
Build quality is good. the Pyrex tank is a nice
touch, but I don't like the lack of resistance
when I draw on it or the way it heats up, I don't
expect the atomiser heads to last long.
My score - 6 out of 10.

(Posted on 25/01/2014)
disappointmentReview by
Overall Rating
After using the portank by aqwa which in my opinion is one of the best tanks out there, and there is a few on the market. I decided to change to the protank 2 by kangertech and I got to honest it is total junk. Had nothing but trouble from it, the gurgling is diabolical and the leaking, forget about it. After making I few changes such as changing the o ring and doubling up on the little rubber grommet that sits above the wicks around the flute. It did work for a day or two, but after that back to day one. I mean the tank itself looks amazing, but I'm not after looks I'm after a tank that works and works well. And at the mo the innokin 30d dual coil is doing everything right. A winner. Thanks to the guys down at the UKecigstore smashing delivery service with some neat products. The best around.
(Posted on 25/01/2014)
Review by
Overall Rating
Got this after trying the CE5 clearomisers and the TOX, gotta say it's build quality is superb, no uneven gaps when put together and the glass tank is lovely. I use it with 1.8 ohm heads because my current batt is quite a low voltage ego-t - the taste and vapor it gives blows away (excuse the pun :) what I've used so far. Highly recommended.
(Posted on 14/11/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
Packs a real punch straight out of the box, no modification needed.
Similar in size to the Vivi Nova, but bottom fed instead of having to draw the liquid up the wick.
No dry hits, consistent flavour and tons of vapour.
Extremely fast delivery as usual and great price - if like me you are constantly chasing clouds then look no further.

(Posted on 22/10/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
brill tank I will only buy these from now on great vapour, taste, good price and no faffing about like with the rebuildables!
(Posted on 19/10/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
I'm not a super experienced vaper - yet... I've had the vision CE5's, then moved on to the ViVi Nova, and now this protank 2. I loved the vivi nova, but the top wicks and the need to turn it when you were getting low on juice started to bug me, so I picked up one of these, and so far I'm very impressed. The build quality and presentation is nice, it feels like a solid product that will last me a long time. The coils are fully rebuildable and easy to do so very cheap to maintain. It also vapes like a train. Flavor is great, vapor is great and throat hit is great.... it's actually very similar to a vivi nova in that respect, probably a touch better... but without the downside of having to worry about keeping the wicks wet
(Posted on 16/10/2013)

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