Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk E-Liquid

By Suicide Bunny

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Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny is an e-liquid that features prominent flavours of strawberries, custard and cream. Available in 10ml bottles with a variety of nicotine strengths to choose from.

Prominent Flavour(s): Strawberry, Custard, Cream

3-Pack Available Here


1 x 10ml Bottle of e-liquid

Outstanding flavour and vapour from the 70/30 VG/PG mix
10ml bottles
Varying levels of nicotine available
No Animal Extracts
No Alcohol
Please note that these bottles do not come with an easy fill tip and you may need to purchase a needle cap bottle.

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Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

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What is the cost?

The costs of electronic cigarettes vary depending on the type. Most beginner kits range from £20-£30, intermediate kits usually cost between £40-£60 and advanced kits costs £60 upwards.

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Propylene Glycol (PG):
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Vegetable Glycerine (VG):
- Glycerine helps to produce more vapour and holds more flavour. VG is thicker in

Is nicotine harmful?
There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

Is nicotine harmful?

There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

As a beginner vaper, we would recommened 12mg. This isto mimic the harshness of a cigarette and also to provide you with a similar amount of nicotine that you would get from a cigarette.

Are these suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

When some e-liquids are exposed to air and light they sometimes change colour; this is perfectly normal. If the E-Liquid in your tank turns into a dark brown/black colour, you may need to change your tank or replace the atomizer head in the unit (if it is a replaceable clearomizer).

How long does a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid last?

A 10ml bottle should last you approximately 5-7 days, this is for an average user. A standard clearomizer/tank has a 1.6ml capacity and this often lasts a whole day for the average user.

My battery won’t charge?

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Why are there different resistances?

Different resistances for different volume and strength of vapour produced. More power means more vapour which should also mean more flavour.

Can I use the same clearomizer/tank with another liquid?

Yes you can, but it is recommended that you clean the clearomizer/tank meticulously to remove the former flavour. After a few vapes, the former flavour should disappear. If it does not, the coil may be compromised.

My clearomizer is not firing/working?

I am not going enough taste/vapour?

This could be because the power setting is too low on your device, it could also be that the device you’re using it not set-up correctly for great flavour and vapour.

What are rebuildable atomizers?

Completely rebuildable atomizers are primarily aimed at advanced users as RDA’s are intricate to use. We would not recommend using these products if you are a beginner vaper as they are for those with a good knowledge of e-cigs only. Essentially, a rebuildable unit has two posts (some have more), one post is positive and the other is negative. In order to get the unit to work a coil needs to be created that goes from the positive post to the negative one. Within this coil there needs to be material that can absorb E-Liquid: Cotton. Both the cotton and the wire that is used to make the coils are available in varying grades of thickness.

Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Mods

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Why should I buy a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mods are very versatile and are great to use with rebuildable atomizers (where you have to build your own coils and wick). You can ger reliable, high amounts of power fed to your chosen RDA to promote flavour and vapour in ways that clearomizers/tanks are unable to. Mechanical mods are not aimed at new users, as they can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Which battery cells can be used with MODs?

Battery cells are available in 3 sizes, 18350, 18490/18500 and 18650. These are the types of battery, which are used with mods. They can be high-powered and long lasting. They provide external power to your chosen device.

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Customer Reviews

54 review(s) for the Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk E-Liquid
  • Review by Madvapper
    - 25/03/2017
    Really solid all day vape would recommend to any 1 lots of controversy around this one but it still tastes great very unique and from a great line
  • Review by Luis
    - 30/10/2016
    Been trying a lot of juices for the past year and this is definitely one of my top three. I don't get strawberries at all like most people say they do. To me, if you could smoke Nutella this is what it would taste like. A smooth, creamy, not too sweet hazelnut flavour that will keep you vaping all day long. I'm an ex-smoker and a bit allergic to many fruity/sweet flavours but I went through a 15ml bottle in two days. Absolutely hooked. Do yourself a favour and get a bottle of this heavenly nectar ASAP!

    Tried it on a Smok OSUB Plus with a TFV8 Tank T8 0.15 coil and on a Tecc Arc 3 1.5 coil. Both of them tasted amazing.
  • Review by Jambo
    - 04/05/2016
    my new favourite
  • Review by johnnylearch
    - 02/05/2016
    i like this juice but i don't feel to give it five star, good the creamy custard taste, but the strawberry are to evanescent. good vapour.
  • Review by Thomas
    - 12/04/2016
    The relatively understated packaging conceals a juice that is absolutely delicious, and is quite easy to vape all day long with no nasty aftertastes that you can get from a repeated vape.

  • Review by Billy
    - 31/03/2016
    If you let this liquid steep for a few days it becomes even more delicious.

    Definitely an ADV for me, perfectly smooth and flavoursome.

    Vaped using: Eleaf iStick 30w + Kanger Subtank Nano with a .5ohm coil @ 15w.
  • Review by Andrew
    - 03/03/2016
    This is nice but I think most of the simelar liqiuds to this are better.
    Unicorn milk by cutwood and the milk man liqiuds have more flavour.
    Still lovely and would buy this again
  • Review by Alexander
    - 11/02/2016
    I dont know how many bottles of Mothers Milk from Suicide Bunny I have bought but its a lot.

    I just love the taste. There is a creamy vanilla taste on the exhale with a very small hint of Strawberries, making it the perfect relax&chill vape for me at any time no matter where I am.

    My friends also compliment how good the vapor smells in the air :) It is without a doubt my favorite and I highly recommend it
  • Review by MrTieu
    - 10/02/2016
    Ive tried alot of different juices in my time but this certainly takes #1 slot.

    0.6Mg is perfect for my daily usage

    Hyped for a reason!

    Wish they stock the 120ml soon! :)
  • Review by Eva
    - 05/02/2016
    Never tried creamy flavours before but after reading reviews I thought I will give it a go and is amazing! Creamy with strawberry accents is now my all day juice. Did I mention clouds? Massive! Will be buying more very soon.

    Running on kangertech Kbox nano with .5ohm coil on 25w
  • Review by Lee
    - 03/02/2016
    I have now tiried a number of strawberry milk/cream/custard/youggert type juices and always thought that mothers milk was over hyped and would be a disappointment but......... My first 15ml bottle went quickly as I couldn't stop vapping it, my 2nd 30 ml is now under serious pressure as this juice deliveries great quality. The strawberry flavour is almost like baked jam on a home made jam tart with an undertone of a smooth milk to round it all off. Vapes like a steam train.
  • Review by Dale
    - 31/01/2016
    One of my most favorite juices killed the bottle off in two days and had to try the limited edition mothers milk & cookies also very nice ;)!!
  • Review by Angela
    - 27/01/2016
    Was looking forward to trying this juice after all the Hype of Suicide Bunny being good. Not disappointed at all. Really creamy with undertones of strawberry. A great all day vape. Can't wait to try the rest of the line.
  • Review by M
    - 14/01/2016
    When first trying this, I was thinking what is all the hype about, it was really harsh. However; once steeping it tastes beautiful. It tastes like creamy, sweet strawberry. Definitely worth the buy.
  • Review by Luke
    - 10/01/2016
    Very creamy and sweet, usually go for menthol flavours but thought I'd try something different and I was not disappointed!
  • Review by Steve
    - 28/12/2015
    I don't know whether it improved with a couple of days' steeping or if I liked it the more I had of it, but this has definitely grown on me.

    When I first tried it, I wondered what all the fuss was about. This was one of those flavours with a reputation for being many vapers' favourite and I just couldn't see what the fuss was about.

    From the get-go, there was nothing wrong with it as such and I thought it tasted 'fine', but maybe too distinctive for all day.

    But I left it in rotation and whaddya know; a few days on and it's one of my faves! OK, it's not my go-to flavour as it is for many, but it's in my top 5.

    I don't get as much strawberry as others suggest, but it's definitely creamy and ever so slightly sweet. I like :)
  • Review by Yazz
    - 24/12/2015
    I use kanger subox mini kit and on opening the bottle I got a very sweet kit of Devonshire custard followed by a sweet strawberry but it was a bit chemical like. I was so disappointed as I saw amazing reviews. I let it steep for two weeks (6mg) and it was wonderful like a deep sweet ambrosia custard with a jam roly poly kind of strawberry subtle aftertaste. I like this as an all day vape but Defo after steeping.
  • Review by Ry
    - 12/12/2015
    Amazing e liquid good taste great clouds iv bought plenty of this stuff
  • Review by Alex
    - 10/12/2015
    Just ordered the e-liquid mothers milk as ukecigstore seemed to be the only ones with it in stock.

    This is my favourite flavoured e-liquid ever! If you haven't tried it try it, but I'd recommend that you're either vape sub ohming or dripping to get the full flavour :)
  • Review by Scotty
    - 02/12/2015
    Very good, easily a ADV nice mix of flavours, strawberry milkshake heaven
  • Review by Andy
    - 15/11/2015
    Simply the best e juice I've had. Not too sweet, not too creamy, just perfect. My 30ml bottle disappeared instantly!
  • Review by Ash
    - 08/11/2015
    The first time I tried this juice i thought it was disgusting....then i tried it again after letting it steep for a few days. Delicious! I'm glad i gave it a second chance!
  • Review by Mateusz
    - 04/11/2015
    I don't really like any sweet liquids, I prefer fruity, sourly ones. But this one is acceptable for me. Name is a bit odd tho, way too many people making fun of me when I tell them what liquid I'm vaping
  • Review by Nick
    - 22/10/2015
    This, the Milkman and Unicorn milk are my top 3 (pattern emerging)

    This comes out on top, without a doubt, if you like these cloudy types with a milky flavour this is the one, what this has but the others dont is a distinct flavouring, but subtle enough you wont get sick of it. 30mls did not last long enough, going back for me (thought I'd drop a review first)
  • Review by Norbert
    - 21/09/2015
    I like this taste a lot. Can't do anything wrong buy buying it. A must try.
  • Review by Emma
    - 15/09/2015
    A really tasty strawberries and cream flavour. Deliciously smooth (tastes like a creamy strawberry milkshake). Definitely worth the slightly higher-than-average price!
  • Review by steven
    - 11/09/2015
    mothers milk is a great tasting vape that you can vape all day .the delivery from e cig store was very quick fantastic sevice
  • Review by Luke
    - 22/08/2015
    Nice creamy taste and smooth.
    Didn't get 5* because to me it could do with little extra strawberry flavour
    would buy mothers milk again over unicorn milk.
  • Review by James
    - 07/08/2015
    Yep yep yep... love this. my FAV vape to date. taste good, actually taste GREAT.

    Im using a Kanger subox mini with rebuildable head @ 18watts and its pure heaven.

    i vape this all day and manage to kill a 15ml bottle in 2days or less. Haha. Im stocking up on this!
  • Review by ZuZu
    - 03/08/2015
    Nice flavour, kind of tastes and smells like strawberry nesquick powder. It's certainly not as high quality as the Deuses Wild or Golden Drops juices in terms of taste, and also doesn't produce as much smoke. Would certainly buy it again but maybe with a lower nicotine level as I find the 6mg gives too much a throat hit for my liking.
  • Review by Mark
    - 26/07/2015
    Really nice strawberry and cream Vape, well done on the flavour !
  • Review by Mark K
    - 11/07/2015
    So I've had this for quite a while in the 3mg and 6mg variants as well as the 6month steeped Obsidian Edition. As soon as I vaped the original, I fell in love! I would rave about this for days! It's a custardy/vanilla'y type vape with a slight hint of strawberry.

    Now though, I'm getting a bit sick of it...probably because it has been my ADV until last week. Don't get me wrong, it's a great vape and lots of clouds, but I just prefer Pip's other products in The Cloud Company line up that don't get sickly at all.

    This has been vaped in my Atlantis V2 at 30W and 60W (0.3, 0.5 coils) and also in my Freemax Starre tank at 35 and 80W (same coil rated 20-100W). More flavour in the Freemax and more clouds but way too sickly after a short while so I switch up.
  • Review by shaz
    - 04/07/2015
    This flavour reminds me of strawberry cheesecake or like the strawberry you get in a McDonald's strawberry Sunday. I like it as strawberry flavour is not too overpowering
  • Review by Dakioso
    - 30/06/2015
    Nice vape and a nice flavor but nothing that backsup the hype round this juice.

    Cosmic fog - Milk & Honey is much better than this one!
  • Review by Scott
    - 08/06/2015
    One of my favourite flavours. It taste like the hard boiled campino sweets that used to be available.

    Huge clouds and plenty of flavour at .6mg on my Kanger Subtank Mini + MVP 3.0.

  • Review by Gareth
    - 02/06/2015
    As the summary says. The 6mg is bang on. Kind of a McD's strawberry milkshake with a creamy exhale, but the 12mg tastes like marzipan. And I had 2 bottles of each. Will definitely order the 6mg again and add my own VG nicotine to it. As I suppose that their nicotine is causing the flavour change
  • Review by steve
    - 28/05/2015
    i remember being amazed at the flavour of this liquid when i was down at the shop in wembley. a really nice smooth creamy/condensed milk taste with plenty of vapour - but i didn't really get the fruity exhale? certainly not strawberry anyway. i rate the product highly as it's good quality, but i personally didn't taste any fruit.

    whilst it's really nice, i think it's quite an average flavour overall. i only mark it down for 3/5 because i didn't get the strawberry, and it's not a flavour i keep going back to.
  • Review by Beverly
    - 28/05/2015
    This is a mediocre vape, not bad, but certainly not worth the hype I've been hearing about it, don't get me wrong it is a nice taste just nothing special. Maybe I'll buy it again but it won't be one of my regulars
  • Review by Shrek
    - 28/05/2015
    I bought 2x 6mg and 2x12mg with the intension of mixing together to give me 9mg nicotine.
    I tried a bit of the 6mg first and it was delightful. Then I tried a bit of 12m and it tasted of marzipan,it tasted the same as marzipan on both 12mg bottles in kanger & atlantis (both with new coils).So I've ditched them and added my own VG 75mg/ml to the 6mg and it's delightful. I think this is down to their nicotine base

    The only way I can describe it is as a McD's strawberry milkshake with a creamy exhale.
  • Review by Rolands
    - 22/05/2015
    I made a review earlier on but it wasn't posted up hear.It was that bad!But now it is two days and i have been vaping MM more or less non stop!It is strange but it is growing on me.The flavor now is amazing.It is very creamy smooth and sweet strawberry milkshake vape!I think that i left the bottle to breath for few hours made the difference.So yeah i am definitely coming back for some more of MM and i am on look out for MM Obsidian!
  • Review by Andy
    - 25/03/2015
    This is so sickly sweet, after seeing the other reviews i had to give it a try. Put in a new coil in my kangertech sub and set it on 15 watts. So off i went, after four brave attempts i had to empty it back in the bottle.

    The favour is very creamy, to me it tastled like creamy cokie dough with a slight hint of fruit. Im sure there will be plenty of fans, but not for me
  • Review by Gingz
    - 19/03/2015
    Love the creaminess mix with a slight fruit aftertaste. A must have!
  • Review by @girlfletch
    - 13/03/2015
    Sweet and beautiful clouds but this might be a terrible raspberry milkshake that I will only use for mixing. Although the other great reviews will steer you to buy it, I feel it is too sweet to vape alone.

    However, it's fantastic to add a creamy taste to those dull flavours you have at home. (Or even mixing with SB's Sucker Punch ?) For this, we thank you Suicide Bunny.

    Flavour: 3/5 Very sweet cream
    Vape: 4/5 best on a v/w battery
    Package: 5/5 glass bottle and good dripper
    Price: 4/5 but your paying for flavour !
  • Review by @girlfletch
    - 13/03/2015
    Sweet and beautiful clouds but this might be a terrible raspberry milkshake that I will only use for mixing. Although the other great reviews will steer you to buy it, I feel it is too sweet to vape alone.

    However, it's fantastic to add a creamy taste to those dull flavours you have at home. (Or even mixing with SB's Sucker Punch ?) For this, we thank you Suicide Bunny.

    Flavour: 3/5 Very sweet cream
    Vape: 4/5 best on a v/w battery
    Package: 5/5 glass bottle and good dripper
    Price: 4/5 but your paying for flavour !
  • Review by Disco Dave
    - 22/02/2015
    Delicious vape this one. A very smooth hit of strawberries and cream, best i can compare it to is something like a warm Mcdonlads strawberry milkshake. The vapour production is brilliant as well. Wonderful for a hit after dinner if you want to skip and actual desert.
  • Review by Jason
    - 12/02/2015
    This is one of my favs yet. Not quite 5 stars but nearly there
  • Review by Freddy P
    - 12/02/2015
    It's like a lovely warm custard mixed with a bit of strawberry nesquick, which to me is just unbelievable. Seriously one of my favourite juices and I'm not a fan of most custard juices but this is one of the best juices I've ever had.
  • Review by Vitaly
    - 11/02/2015
    First impression was strange, i don't understand what I am vaping right now, after first clearomizer was done, I am fell in love with this juice. Pure tasty caramel smell on my whole flat, light throat hit with some notes of strawberries, on the out: milkshake with caramel. But juice is very strong and if you fill up your tank with different juice after suicide bunny - you will still vape suicide bunny :) so if you want to change your juice, clean your tank properly.
    Differently will buy one more time. Great juice and lot of clouds.
  • Review by Cherry
    - 10/02/2015
    Definitely one for those with a sweet tooth, really creamy vanilla custard with a sweet strawberry finish. The smell was a little off putting as it's a very overly sweet strawberry but that doesn't reflect the flavour at all, actually very subtle.
  • Review by Phil
    - 06/02/2015
    Well, this is already a firm favorite and you can taste why in the first hit! It is absolutely beautiful... A masterpiece! Lovely, creamy but actually quite sweet vanilla inhale with a definite strawberry milkshake exhale. I have just vaped 2ml of this in a couple of hours, without even noticing... It could possibly be too good! Definitely one for the cream lovers and/or people with a sweet tooth. Excellent vapor production, however really, REALLY smooth, so not great throat hit, but never the less, absolutely divine! Give it a try!
  • Review by Nadim
    - 05/02/2015
    Absolutely, fantastic. My favourite flavour ever, and trust me I've tried loads of them.

    If you haven't tried it yet, stop what you are doing and order this now. You will thank me for it after!

    Going to try another flavour from this brand now.
  • Review by Gil
    - 03/02/2015
    I've been buying pretty basic liquid's for a few months now since i started vaping, and the flavour of them has been average. I've never spent this much on a liquid so i wasn't sure what to expect.
    I've been using this liquid for a few hours and its incredibly tasty, it has a strong vapour production and i can honestly say it is currently my favourite liquid. Highly recommend!
  • Review by Michael
    - 24/01/2015
    Reminds me of McD's strawberry milkshake. Lovely. (.6mg, Nautilus Mini @ 15w)
  • Review by Sam
    - 24/01/2015
    My favourite flavour yet, it's like a sweet creme brulee with hints of Strawberry... Love it!

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