A Nic Salt Breakdown

A Nic Salt Breakdown
Although we all used to the terms nic salts and nic shots, there is still confusion. this simple paragraph should hopefully clear things up.

We are all used to “freebase” or pharmaceutical grade nicotine, which is found in almost every e-liquid on the market . This form of nicotine is absorbed by the body at a more steady rate than nic salts and the more you vape, the more nicotine builds up in your system, to be released over a period of time. Nic-shots take longer for the nicotine to be released into your system but will also keep your nic-cravings in check for a longer period of time. The purpose of nic salts is to get higher levels of nicotine without the throat hit of the freebase. For instance, a 18mg nic salt juice will feel closer to a 9 or 10mg. This makes it ideal for people who want to get a high dosage of nicotine but without the throat hit. Nic-salts are derived directly from the crystals found in tobacco leafs and are considered smoother to vape. Some salts containing 20mg of nicotine, can feel and taste as low as a 10mg mixture - so care is required in their use, remember safety first people, and always keep a close eye on your nicotine levels when mixing your juice.

You can find the LDN LIQ - Nic SLT 18mg 10ml Nicotine Booster by clicking here 

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