Before we get into how to build a cloud chasing set-up, let’s define it.

Cloud chasing is taking sub-ohm vaping even further in order to produce HUGE clouds of vapour. Using ultra-low resistances of around 0.15 ohms or even lower, enthusiasts have a lot of fun building and then letting it rip with these devices.

You’ll have more than likely already seen people producing immense amounts of vapor. Maybe you’ve felt a bit jealous! Well fear not, the secrets are just around the corner…

But first things first. Safety. I repeat, SAFETY FIRST. These are specialized, powerful devices. We would absolutely not recommend this to new vapers. You need to know your gear and be on top of every factor before you even consider cloud chasing. That said, here’s how…

Consider the factors:

  1. Battery Safety – Always use the safest possible batteries on the market. In order to cloud chase you will be building low ohm coils to produce a vast amount of vapour. You will need to use a battery that will be able safely push out enough power to handle that resistance.

  1. Airflow – The lower the resistance of your coil, the more airflow you will need. However, too much airflow will thin out the amount and density of your vapour.

  1. Juice – The higher VG content in your e-liquid, the more dense the vapour you produce will be.

  1. Mod – Choose wisely. The right mod is essential for powering these extreme low ohm coils. Traditionally, mechanical mods are used.

  1. Atomiser – In order to cloud chase it is best to use an RDA. However there are now tanks out there in the market which make this trait easily achievable.

  1. Technique – Believe it or not, there is a specific technique to cloud chase! This takes a while to get used to. The correct technique will need to be used in order to take in as much vapour as possible.

  1. Wicking – It is extremely important that you use the correct wicking material in your RDA so that you can hold enough e-juice and don’t get an instant dry hit.

  1. Build – Different coil builds will affect your vapour production. The lower the resistance the bigger the vapour. Please be advised that you should only build to the safest level that your battery will allow. Please read up on ohms law and take it seriously. We’re thinking of you guys!

  1. Genetics – This is a factor that you don’t really have a choice on as everyone is different as in some people with more lung capacity are able to inhale more vapour without coughing.

Cloud chasers are constantly trying to find the “perfect build” in order to blow the biggest cloud. But size, like the man said, isn’t everything.  It is also about trying to find a build that can give you the smoothest hit possible, so that there is not much restriction when you inhale so much vapour. Vapour that it is not too hot, that doesn’t tickle your throat, and wicking that won’t dry out too quickly.

In the video below, “How to build a cloud chasing set up” we will show you how to build a high quality cloud chasing set-up, which, to be honest, is up there with those on a competitive level.