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Head to Head with the Dead Rabbit and Yup RDAs

Head to Head with the Dead Rabbit and Yup RDAs

We're pitching two amazing RDA's against each other, the Yup and Dead Rabbit. Similar in feel and looks, but which will out perform the other?

The Dead Rabbit and Yup RDA’s are two really great drippers and there's a reason for this statement. First and foremost, I class them as competition style drippers, meaning if you wanted to push super low ohms with really thick wires, you could but if you are not into that kind of thing, you can still throw a build you are comfortable with and vape it like a normal dripper. If you are a squonker, then it gets even better since both of these drippers come with squonk pins for you to change out which also allows you to use them on other non-squonk mods to give you the best of both worlds.

Looks wise, there is nothing to complain about on either of these, their respective logo slapped on the side of the top cap and the colours are fantastic and when it comes to colours, there’s no shortage!

I built these drippers with the Vandy Vape SS Stagger Fused Clapton wire and both of these drippers ran my coils beautifully. I always got great flavour and they were both super easy to build thanks to their post designs. They are designed in such a way that they could easily fit a pair of snips under each post to allow for easy wire trimming. Just insert, trim, wick and you’re good to go. No more fidgeting with wires anymore.

The airflow is impressive since the top caps are  fluted which channels the air directly on top of the coils. However, I found the airflow channels to be less effective than the Yup’s. Both have the same 5mm juice well too, more than enough to shove some cotton down, ensuring you get every last drop of liquid rushing to your coils.

Over all, I think these drippers can only perform as good as the builds you put in them however, they are really good at accepting any and all builds you throw at them and trust me when I tell you, these are heavy weights!

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