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E-Liquids - The Bottled Secrets

E-Liquids - The Bottled Secrets

Welcome everyone to my super simplified explanatory blog of where we discuss the in’s and outs of E-Liquid production! We’ve covered how the new Ice Age collection from Twelve Monkeys tastes, but what I haven't told you is how juices like these are made. If you’re interested to know how they are created, then look no further my friends, i'm about to break it down, so prepare to be schooled, son!

Before we get nice and comfortable under a beach umbrella, let's talk about a Brands for a second. Twelve Monkeys Co. is based in none other than the friendliest country in existence, Canada! Known for Hockey and Poutine ( Gravy covered French fries ) it seems as though they have another ‘ice’ up their sleeves, E-Liquid production. They have been around for a while since 2013-14 I believe and in that time, they have rounded up a few awards as well as always being consistent with their products. We, here at UKEcigstore have always been long-time fans; which is why we carry their products.

The one thing people associate with e-liquids is an image of some dude in a basement somewhere, mixing liquids in a hot pot or something, however, this is a huge misconception. Liquids go through huge amounts of scrutiny and if it’s on our shelves, its the best of the best. The same thing goes with companies such as Twelve Monkeys who pride themselves on using only the best ingredients. They even state and I quote:

“ All our liquids are made in Canada, in a laboratory setting utilizing laboratory equipment and processes. Every flavour is pre-steeped for 2 weeks prior to bottling and put on sale. As a result, the e-liquid produced will have a more consistent flavour but limits the availability of the product due to the process we have adopted. At Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co., we believe in quality over quantity.”

This says a lot about a manufacturer, labs such as the ones Twelve Monkeys use are so clean, they are called class 150 clean rooms, which basically means that only 150 particles of dust at around 0.00096 microns may be present in a cubic foot of air. To put this into perspective, a normal operating room in a hospital may have as many as around 10,000 particles of dust present in a cubic foot of air, that’s insane! They also provide verified lab tests of their liquids from the Pacific Smoke International to ECTA in Canada on their website, so if you don’t trust those pesky labels you can see the results for yourself and to top that, Twelve Monkeys steeps their flavours for two weeks as mentioned above before bottling which means the flavours you get are at the top of their possible flavour profile performance, or that they will taste their best straight out of the bottle, and the only thing you, the user needs to do is add your nicotine or if you vape zero feel free to vape em’ straight out of the bottle!

This shows great attention to detail and is honestly some of the most thorough work I’ve seen. They also stated they believe in quality over quantity which means they put your happiness over profits and spare no expense to achieve this. 
So, how exactly are these juices made? Well, it starts with a simple process of distillation. Simply put, the distillation process is very similar to how fragrances and alcohol are made. As an example, fruit is fermented in a solution of boiling water or ethanol. This is also a great way to remove impurities and kill any bacteria which may be present since the heat kills them upon boiling. The boiling water then extracts the essential oils from the fruit and a large syphon funnel is placed on top of it, to collect the vaporised water and oils. The syphon is surrounded by cold water which then cools the vapours down, turning them back into a liquid, causing the oils to drip into another container where they are collected as a concentrate. The concentrate is then transferred to another area of the lab where it is filtered, purified and formulated into various PG/VG ratios and then tested for purity and flavour. you can find out more about PG/VG by watching our Know your E-Liquids Q&A video.  When it’s deemed good enough and to the companies standards, it's then bottled, shipped and ready for vaping. That’s the very, very short story but this goes to show why the price is justified as various fruits require different processes to extract their oils. Sometimes, a certain liquid will undergo various rounds of this distillation where some parts of the recipe are improved or changed based on the mixologist's idea of that specific profile.

And there you have it, a simple explanation of how e-liquids are made along with the Twelve Monkeys ideology and practice, I hope this little article gave you an insight into how brands perceive and create their recipes, so next time you are in a store picking out your flavours, just remember the hard work and dedication which goes into creating them.

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