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Filthy Shades Vape E-Liquids

Filthy Shades Vape E-Liquids

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet another e-liquid blog! This week, I’m looking into Filthy Shades E-Liquids, a company whose founder seems to think a little differently than most, this could get interesting.

Once again, we're here to check out another eliquid range, Filthy Shades. People automatically imagined the brand as over-sexualised, purely due to the name!

The e-liquids produced are named differently too, you won’t find any “super-duper screaming orgasms” here, the only thing you’ll find is Soul, Filth, Love, Passion and Faith. You can kind of see where this is going already and at this point I would like to add that one of Filthy Shades blogs made its way to me and it’s quite poetic to say the least, with entries such as, “I had to stay true to my SOUL every step of the way, as opposed to giving in to the commercial trend." Quite clever adding your juice names into a description, even going as far as to accompany these entries with a series of videos, going into more detail about your ideology.

Well then, let’s check out the e liquid and taste the story if you will. As always we’re only trying a couple of these as not to bore you too much and we’re also running these on a complicated, specialised electronic cigarette which this week happens to be something truly unique, something which landed on my desk a few days ago, something I’ve been itching to try! That something is none other than the extremely innovative, Usonicig Zip Pod system! Oh yeah, I got mine and I’ll be doing a write up on that pretty soon I suspect, so stick around!

Faith is up first and since I lost mine a few years ago, I might be looking to get a little bit of it back so, fingers crossed! It’s different to say the least, a mixture of red and green apples which I’m always down for, especially when they are mixed up with berries and a touch of menthol. Sounds awesome so let’s give it a go. The first vape is really nice, you can really taste every bit of this composition, all the apples, berries and of course, if I didn’t get hit with that menthol, I’d be worried! As it stands though, it’s delicious. Nothing mixes or overpowers anything else although some flavours are stronger than others such as the apples being a little stronger than the berries. Well done Mr. Gasp, You’ve given me a little faith back!

Not a small feat but in the spirit of Valentines day, let’s see if we can get a little Love mixed up in this, shall we? An obvious smell here, it appears to be a mixture of strawberries and apparently, mixed berries with menthol again. Fair enough, let’s go. The strawberry is super sweet I have to say, somewhere in the area of a real ripe, sliced up strawberry which is a great touch. The berries however are similar to Faiths, still as delicious and just as tasty! Menthol wise, I don’t think it’s needed since when I think of love I think of warmth, sweetness and comfort and the addition of the menthol seems to kill that for me. Nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful flavour and it still scores points!

Now then Mr. Exhalation, let’s look at your evil side with a touch of Filth. Again, we have an addition of a menthol note but this time it works perfectly, especially when the two main flavours are none other than squished cherries and raw grapes! The first vape gives me that unmistakable cherry rush, filling my taste buds to the brim with its delightful sweet and sour-ish flavour. The grapes add quite a bit of flavour which I thought wouldn’t have happened but I’ve been wrong before. The menthol comes in on the end to top everything off and just like a cool breeze, makes everything better!

And that’s today's blog! A touch of filthy, a little bit of shady and just a touch of fruity goodness. I’d like to end by saying that the vaping world isn’t naked chicks on posters although having gone to a few expos in my time, it may appear so. The thing is, the vaping world is really what you choose to make of it. I seem to remember vaping a few e-liquids that I really liked and names I wouldn’t dare utter in public although, it sometimes made for an amazing ice breaker and a great conversation starter. It’s all part of the fun, but I think perhaps the vaping industry has gone a little haywire so perhaps a little faith, love, and passion are needed. With that, it’s time to draw the curtains on today's UK ECIG STORE blog boys and girls, stay in touch because I have some truly amazing things in the works, just for you. But for now, just as always I bid you farewell, be safe, kick ass and keep vaping!

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