So, you’ve started vaping but you’ve come to the realisation that the standard vape pen just doesn’t quite meet your needs. You’ve seen people in the street using e-cigarettes that produce more vapour and you’ve wondered how and why? 
How are these people blowing out massive amounts of vapour? 
What devices are they using? 
Do mechanical mods produce more vapour? 

Welcome to the world of Sub-Ohm Vaping….

This article will answer all of your questions and help you choose whether sub-ohm vaping is the right move for you.

Why Sub-Ohm Vape?

  1. More vapour – Greater cloud making capacity #cloudchaser

  2. More flavour – Intensified e-liquid flavours #flavourlover

#WARNING: If you make the decision to sub-ohm vape, it will be harder to go back to vaping your standard e-cigarette device.

Simply put, sub-ohm vaping gives you the capacity to produce larger clouds whilst experiencing a fuller e-liquid flavour.

It’s not just all about using a coil with a resistance that measures less than 1 ohm, your choice in e-liquids is equally important.
You will need to think about the VG/PG ratio. If you were to ask anyone who is already sub-ohm vaping, they will likely tell you that you should be using a higher ratio of VG rather than PG in your e-liquid. This is because VG (Vegetable Glycerin) controls how much vapor is being produced. With higher VG e liquids the vapour will feel smoother to inhale whereas PG (Propelene Glycol) controls the level of throat hit you get in your e-liquid.


Is Sub-Ohm Vaping right for you?

Like menthol flavoured e-liquid, sub-ohm vaping isn’t for everyone. 
Although we tend to see more experienced vapers use this method, some people may not like the amount of vapour that these electronic cigarettes produce. This does not mean that you should disregard sub-ohm vaping.
Some sub-ohm tanks are adjustable, so you’ve got the capacity to lower the wattage ranges. This results in a different direct to lung vaping experience. 
If you are still unsure – ask an expert. Send us a message, or come and see us at any of our three stores.

How do I Sub-Ohm? Recommend Starter Vaping Kits

If you have decided to go down the route of sub-ohm vaping, there is a vast array of e-cigarettes for you to pick from. 
Remember when buying your vape device to look at the ohms reading for the resistance of the coil. If the resistance measures less than 1 ohm then this is sub-ohm vaping compatible. 
Any device that’s over 30 watts of power is most suitable for sub-ohm vaping. 

Okay, let’s give you an example; 

The Uwell Crown Mini has sub-ohm capacity and produces more vapour than an e-cigarette.
The Neon Box mod fires at 70 watts, (less than 100 watts and therefore has sub-ohm capacity.