Justfog – C601 Pod System

just fog

 I have been given the Justfog – C601 kit to test! This pod system comes in a box with the C601 pod system mod and the replacement pod for it too, packed together nicely with a micro USB cable to charge it. The C601 pod mod has built in 650mAh battery that packs a punch; which a constant 3.5V throughout the whole charge. It’s miniature in size and when put together it is elegant yet a stealthy system to vape on. The pod can hold 1.7ml of e-liquid with the pod being made of opaque polycarbonate; therefore you can visibly track the level of e-liquid remaining in your pod.

The whole kit looks smart when the clip is in the vertical position and it can be attached to a lanyard, or just clip the kit to your pocket or your belt with no issues or worry to lose it as the clip grips tightly and securely.

On the device you can find a button placed on the front of the mod, and it is the only button you will ever need. The button has a built in LED light to inform you of the battery levels with different coloured lights to represent the remaining charge; white meaning 100% - 70%, blue means 70% - 30%, red 30% - 0% and lastly if the button blinks red 6 times it means that the battery is nearly discharged which is a very useful identification on the usage of the kit. When it comes to charging the pod mod, it has a quick recharge time and only takes roughly 30 minutes for the pod mod to be recharged then can be chain vaped on for about 1 hour to 2 hours.

The device has a soft touch, rubber finish, a slightly texturized pod and a smooth and shiny button with clip, making this kit elegant in aesthetics as well as simple to operate and locate different parts of it.

The pod itself has a very simple bottom filling mechanism that requires you to remove the pod from the mod, flip it upside down, lift the plastic lid and fill through a larger hole, the thinner hole is for the air to escape from the pod whilst refilling and if there is too much e-liquid it can eject from here to inform you that the pod is fully filled. In addition to the bottom fill this pod is also bottom airflow which is located on the longer edges of the pod which will source the air from the front and the back of the mod just above the fire button and back of the clip, giving you a nice smooth and slightly restricted pull.

When it comes to vaping on this device it produces rather satisfying vapour production, with a good, yet smooth throat hit and loads of flavour that has really surprised me. As I am normally a sub-ohm person, previously trying any mouth to lung tanks or kits I was not getting a lot or more prominent flavour therefore this is a plus for me. The size yet small, compact and slim is very comfortable and very intuitive on knowing where the firing button is located, as well as the placement of the USB port is very convenient as located just on the outer edge to the left of the firing button.

This is a fabulous piece of kit and don’t let the size fool you as it will surprise you when in action.