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Lights, Camera, Vaping Action!

Lights, Camera, Vaping Action!

It’s red carpet time again… The 2018 Oscars are almost here, where Hollywood’s finest strut their stuff for the cameras of the world and dreams are made and broken.

It's red carpet time again… and what a show it was! Hollywood's finest strutted their stuff for the cameras of the world and dreams were made and broken. Guillermo del Toro's fantasy 'The Shape of Water' won Best Picture and Best Director in a ceremony which called for more representation and female empowerment in Hollywood. Frances McDormand won best actress, getting everybody to their feet and creating one of the night's most memorable moments.

Now that the members of the Academy have chosen this year's winners, we've decided to have a bit of fun by holding an alternative Oscars of our own… Drum roll please, for… The Vaping Oscars!

This is a chance to recognise and reward those celebs who are fighting the good fight and leaving tobacco behind for the brave new world of vaping. We love you guys, keep on keeping on!

So, without further ado, UK ECIG STORE presents…


The Vaping Oscars


This was a tough one, many of the world’s best leading men have made the switch to vaping. I bet their leading ladies thanked them for that! Clark Gable was rumoured to have chain smoked cigars between takes during Gone With the Wind because he couldn’t stand Vivien Leigh! Foul play, what a brute! But those days are long gone, and these boys are all kissing sweet. It essentially boiled down to a choice between three big hitters: Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp.

The golden envelope slowly opens…

And the Oscar goes to...

Tom Hardy

Image result for tom hardy vape suit

Tom Hardy is one of the most in-demand actors on the planet. What does a guy like this do when the going gets tough? He cracks out a vape! Tom is a well-known vaping enthusiast and models his vape very stylishly indeed, tucked inside his jacket like 007’s Walther PPK. This superb British actor who’s played in everything from Batman to Mad Max is a big fan of menthol flavours, so he’s not only a fantastic actor, he’s minty fresh too! Mr Hardy we salute you!

Three of the best for Tom Hardy!


We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but this juice has always been a winner! Consistently a best seller, this blueberry and menthol combination stands a golden head and shoulders above the competition.

Grape Menthol by I VG Menthol

This grape and menthol flavoured mixture is a big favourite with our reviewers. This juice is finely balanced between fruit and menthol, good job guys!

Beaky Blue by Ghetto Penguin

Who remembers blue raspberry ice lollies? By the taste of this juice, Ghetto Penguin certainly do! This juice adds menthol to the action (called Ice in the trade) for that chilly tilt on the fruit. P...p...p… pick one up today!



Katherine Heigl


This one was a shoe-in. Katherine, who came to fame via US TV drama and is probably best known for her leading role in the hilarious ‘Knocked Up’, is a well known vaping advocate. She’s even vaped with Letterman for chrissakes! On TV! Don’t believe me? Watch the footage. 

You can see from the image above that she likes to adopt the pen-style e-cigs. So come on Katherine, take a bow…

Honorable mention must also go to California Girls Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan here. Ladies, you’re doing great things with those vapes, spread the word!

 Smok - Stick M17 Kit 




Jack Nicholson

Image result for jack nicholson vape

There’s hardly any room left on Jack’s mantlepiece, but we’re loading him up anyway. This man, this icon, has been blowing audiences away from the 1960’s to the present day. Known to be a man who gets the most out of life’s pleasures, Jack also vapes! And you just know he vapes on something nice. Can this guy get any cooler? I seriously doubt it…

Here's one for you Jack!

Vicious Ant - Stab wood

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