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Lost in the Mist

Lost in the Mist
Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another vape blog! It’s getting better and better the more we progress and this week we have another box! This time, we’re looking at a company called Mist E-liquids and they have thrown a few e-liquids our way. It’s going to be a good one, so let’s check them out and see what these people are all about!

Mist E-liquids have been around since 2011 and are located in none other than Brighton, England! That’s right, a juice company on the south coast of the UK are looking to put their names on the map. I’m sure the story was different back in 2011 but today, the focus of their company is not only to provide excellent vape liquids but an assortment of vape kits as well. Good stuff, we’re looking into their juices and this is where it gets interesting.

Where most companies choose to focus on the sub-ohm, DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers like myself, Mist focuses on the MTL (Mouth To Lung) vapers, beginners who just want a simple vape. The reason I emphasise this becomes more evident when looking at the current market. You see the DTL vapers only make up around 20% of the vaping market whereas the MTL vapers make up the rest. 80% is a big number and I can see why they focused on that demographic. The cool thing about Mist is that they aren’t only the resident vendor for the people of Brighton, they also cater to thousands of people around the world, who are also enjoying their services. This is good news because it means small vape businesses are thriving away from home which is what we want.

Now then, I need my trusty devices and as you know, these change every week but today we replace the beastly 100W plus, sub-ohm monsters with something a little more humbling, a little more down to earth — something classy! I’m going MTL today as to test these juices in the environment they are meant to be used in, so I’m going to use a One Kit simply because it works so well. Trust me, I’ve been face to face with people who use them daily and the comments have been nothing shy of amazing. I’m going to be cleaning this a lot over the next hour or so since I don’t want any cross-contamination between juices, which also means fresh coils for each one. Mist, I hope you appreciate the work I'm putting in here! With my device of choice charged and at the ready, it’s time to jump in. There are six flavours on my desk and you can find them all by clicking here but today I’ve chosen three, Blizzard, Drizzle and last but not least Carabaco. The one thing I want to look into here is what theme Mist is going with; I mean, we’ve seen a theme with every other liquid we’ve reviewed here, so why should this be any different?

Blizzard is up first and it doesn’t take long to realise it’s going to be a menthol flavour, but just how cool is it? The smell from the open bottle is definitely menthol-esque but there’s a touch of fruit there and I want to see if I can pick them out without reading the descriptions. The first inhale confirmed the menthol and fruit presence but also gave me a better idea as the blackcurrant and apple flavours bounce around beautifully. I’ve always said that menthol has a tendency to bring flavours forward better but in some cases can drown them out and take over by muting them. Not this though, this ties them in together and my personal thought is that it tastes much like a certain concentrated juice drink which is drunk here in the UK on a hot summer’s day, along with a glass full of ice, maybe there’s a theme here, after all. All jokes aside though, it is indeed a clear and crisp e-liquid with a good definition of both fruits. I don’t count menthol as a flavour, however, since it gives us a feeling of cold instead of taste although it’s still a nice touch.

Here’s a good one, Drizzle. A juice which I have deduced by the name alone as being a citrus type, possibly lemon or lime because — Lemon Drizzle Cake, duh! Here’s the thing, going back to a previous statement from a few blogs back, citrus is so hard to get right! It’s both the flavours and the blends. Getting it right can be amazing but messing it up can spell disaster and trust me, I’ve tasted disaster before. Not ideal but I’m giving these guys the benefit of the doubt because I believe they have actually done well.

With a wash, scrub and a quick coil change, we’re good to go and the smell coming from this bottle is nothing less than epic. Even filling the tank is an experience but it’s the vape that gives the results. Vaping this for the first time left me gobsmacked, it’s been a while since this has happened, and let me tell you, this is switching some stuff around for me because doing this today made me remember how good MTL vaping is. Back to the e-liquid though, it’s a great mix. Lime and lemon dancing around on the palette, its one of the better citrus juices I’ve tasted and for good reason. Neither lime or lemon are choking each other out, there are no muted flavours going on and honestly, it’s just great.

Another wash and a coil change leave us with the final flavour which is going to be complicated after all, because I had to look it up. Obviously, I’m talking about Carabaco, an e-liquid which is a blend between something like an RY4, to me. It’s a type of caramel tobacco flavour but this is twisted in the sense that this e-liquid has all the classic characteristics of a good RY4. It’s sweet and not too heavy but Mist have added a touch of sweet coffee to it. The first vape surprised me a little because I don’t usually vape tobacco but, man… this is good! I can definitely see this as an after-dinner type vape, even an evening vape — sitting by a lit fireplace, just watching the fire roar. It gets better as I vape though because even after a while, it still tastes as good. The only way I can see this flavour depleting is if my coil burns out a few weeks down the line.

And that’s it, we’re out! I hope you enjoyed this week's scribblings, looking into another manufacturer and Mist, keep up the great work. Honestly, I really enjoyed this and will continue to because as it stands there’s a tank full of Carabaco in my hands and it ain’t going nowhere until it’s empty and then I’m going to fill it up again. I may even throw it in a sub ohm RDA and let you know how it goes all whilst giving a few bottles to my colleagues to enjoy.

For now, I’ll leave you with the same wise words I do every time — be safe, kick ass and keep vaping!

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