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Nasty Juice Berry Series, 3 New Reasons To Get Berry Excited!

Nasty Juice Berry Series, 3 New Reasons To Get Berry Excited!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another blog and this time it’s about to get Nasty! The people behind some of the most successful Malaysian flavours are back and they are back with a vengeance, introducing three new flavours and guess who they chose to write them up; me! Based on Nasty Juice’ rap sheet, it’s going to get interesting, let’s talk about it.

We’ve spoken about Malaysian E liquids before and it doesn’t get any more Malaysian than Nasty Juice. Writing this up has been weird for me since just the other day I bought myself a bottle of Nasty Juice Cush Man and I just had a little bit of a dejavu moment since I came to work to find three bottles of Nasty Juice on my desk.

Their history is brief, first hitting the scene in 2015 and since then they have been baking huge waves! Without over exaggerating, if I had a penny for every time I heard the name “Cush Man” or “Nasty Juice” in one week, I’d have like 85 pence. Not too impressive of an amount but the point I’m making is that they are extremely popular and there’s a good reason for it since their juices are perhaps some of the best tastings on the market and only beaten in my opinion by a few others such as Malaysian man but that’s beside the point. They even managed to rack up a few awards which speaks to their skill.

Nasty Juice have something that’s missing from the vape game, perhaps only seen in only few instances already. These are the people who say f@%$ you to the rules and aren’t afraid to challenge them which is great because rules are meant to be questioned, bent and broken and that is definitely one of the contributing factors in their huge success. The only other company I personally know who do something like that are none other than the Vaping Outlaws and who knows, depending on how this goes, I might even pitch these two against each other like a vaping deathmatch sometime in the future! Since Vapex International Malaysia in 2015 though, Nasty have come a long way, branching out, hitting the UAE, USA, Poland, Paris and the UK, obviously.

The Nasty people have been working on a few things and I just happen to have been sent their three new flavours and you know what that means, it’s juice drippin’ time once again! That can only mean that what follows is me, introducing the stars of the show and today’s line up consists of none other than the amazing, flat black Drop RDA by Digiflavor and heating up two Clapton coils. Firing the coils to a red-hot inferno is the one and only Tugboat DNA 200 and with a fresh piece of cotton on each coil, it’s time to drip the first of the three juices which happen to be Sicko Blue. I’d like to point out though that at the time of me writing this blog, none of these flavours exists online, not on the UKEcigStore website, nor Nasty Juice’ own website to be exact, so you can feel confident when I say I’m the first to write these up!

Sicko Blue is up first and it seems to be more of a raspberry flavour. It’s a weird one because this particular flavour starts off as a candy-like raspberry but fluctuates between candy and a genuine flavour. The more I vape it, however, the more candy-like it becomes which I have to admit I’m into at the moment. Sometimes the more realistic the flavour, the more points it hits with me but I really do like this due to it’s a delicate yet strong flavour. As it stands, it’s still a simple flavour but simplicity seems to be the key here.

The smell from all these bottles happens to be reminiscent of cough syrup or Calpol, and it’s not just me! I’ve said it before, but some of Nasty juice’ liquids smell like cough syrup and as a little experiment, I covered the labels with tape and passed them around the office. The results are just as I expected, all three bottles returned to me with the same comments.

Broski Berry is up next and with some fresh cotton and burnt off coils on the Drop, it’s time to test. Once again I have the familiar cough syrup flavour but this time it’s stronger. Regardless, the first vape is shocking and not in a good way. You guys know how much absolutely hate anything to do with aniseed or anise and if I am to vape them for a test, I like a bit of a heads up first in order to mentally prepare myself. Nasty Juice, however, decided not to tell me about it and kept the labels blank. I guess that just speaks to their character, thanks, guys. Going back for another vape, I start to taste a little more flavour, giving me a mixture of berries such as raspberry, a touch of blueberry and maybe even blackberry but here’s the kicker, I have no idea where the aniseed is coming from, which leads me to wonder if there is any mixed in at all, or if the combination of berries is creating the flavour. Nonetheless, I shan’t be vaping this anymore but that’s not to say others will not like it.

Two down, one to go and it goes by the name of Stargazing, a delicious smelling liquid which I would deduce had something to do with a grape type flavour. The first vape should have confirmed the grape but only proved how wrong I was instead. It’s most definitely a cranberry in my opinion and as I vape it more and more, I get the sharp sour flavour of the berry itself. There may also be a little raspberry mixed in but it tastes like such a complex flavour that it’s really hard to tell. Regardless though, it’s a brilliant favour, sharp yet tasty, sweet yet sour. This is the problem I have with these people, it’s almost like they are trying to get your hopes up and then completely ruin it by changing up the flavour, halfway. Still though, hats off to Nasty Juice for their new flavours and for picking me of all people to write about them.

That was it, people, it’s time to draw the curtains on today’s show but as always, it’s Yianno signing out and I’ll leave you with the same wise words I do every time, kick ass, stay safe and keep vaping!

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