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  1. Les Deglingos, reinventing vapor.

    Les Deglingos, reinventing vapor.

    Created in 2011 in France, BordO2 is an e-liquid manufacturer that turns the flavours and visuals up to eleven. After becoming a standard setter in France, they ...
  2. big-cloud-showdown

    IN E-Liquids - The Big Cloud Showdown

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to yet another vaping blog. How exciting! Today’s subject of ...

  3. alfa-labs-the-new-trio

    Alfa Labs - The New Trio

    The last time we looked into Alfa Labs E Liquids, we were looking at the Love Puddin’ and Ministr ...

  4. the-return-of-coilade-e-liquids

    The Return of Coilade E-Liquids

    Coilade has returned and it seems they tweaked a few e-liquids. I have three to test today, so let’s get into it!

  5. ok-ok-sub-ohm-and-tatts-lets-shed-a-little-light

    OK Nic Salt, OK Sub Ohm And Tatts - Let’s Shed A Little Light

    Now, here’s a surprise! An automotive accessories company started making e-liquids… Halco, ...

  6. malaysian-man-the-return-of-malaysian-liquids-the-reviews-are-in

    Malaysian Man - The Return of Malaysian Liquids - The Reviews are in!

    The reviews for the Malaysian Man range of e-liquids are in and I thought I'd share them with you all and just in case you missed the first blog, this should he ...
  7. malaysian-man-giveaway

    Malaysian Man - Giveaway

    We are giving away another great assortment of e-liquids and this time, it's all about the Malaysian man range of e-liquids! Click for your chance to win! ...
  8. humble-pie-giveaway

    Humble Pie Giveaway [CLOSED]

    We are doing yet another giveaway and this time, we are giving away the full range of Humble Pie E-liquids! Read more for your chance to win! ...
  9. truly-distro-the-phattest-of-them-all

    Truly Distro - The Phattest Of Them All

    A package just arrived, all the way from Malaysia! it seems as though the Malaysian juices are coming back to life and Truly Distro seem to have some great flav ...
  10. vaping-outlaws-the-bandits-of-vaping

    Vaping Outlaws - The Bandits Of Vaping

    The Bandits of the Vaping world have shared some of their bounty with me and insane is an understatement! let's open up the chest of goodies and see if the Outl ...

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