First off, let me drop a little realness. The original BF 80W box mod was supposed to house a Gene chip from the people over at VooPoo but, some nastiness happened and that particular mod partly went into production but never actually hit the market, only landing in the hands of a few reviewers (not me though). This was was because of some heat between VooPoo and Vandy Vape. That was a pretty Poo thing to happen but Vandy Vape said screw this, we’re making a better one! So they made their own and re-launch the BF 80W with a new chipset called the “Vandy chip”. Lets see how it performs shall we?


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The version I have is sample version with the Carbon-ish finish but Vandy Vape were cool enough to send me some replacement side plates which I have to say, look better than the carbon ones. The  swirly design looks decent and there’s a lot of things to talk about in terms of functionality but for now, let's focus on the quality.

The original BF Squonk mod feels nice in the hand. Light, practical and above all easy to use. Vandy Vape kept all those original attributes and let me tell you this, even with the addition of the new chip, it still feels like a decent mod so quality wise, it gets a pass.

Looking around the mod itself, all the familiarities are still present. It still uses magnets to keep the cover plates in place, the body is still made of the same material as its predecessor and it still has a hollow 510 pin, duh, it’s a squonk mod;

This time though, it features a clicky, tactile fire button as well as a pair of buttons for the wattage up/down as well as a nice OLED screen, which is kind of reminiscent of the DNA series of chips. The mod is primarily designed to work with the 20700 series of batteries (which I have never even heard of before now) but the Vandy-boffins  include a silicone/brass sleeve which can be slipped over any 18650 battery as an adapter. It all looks very promising so let’s throw a dripper on it and see what it does, shall we?

I have to pair it up with a dripper from Vandy Vape obviously and the dripper of choice for me is the mesh rda. There’s something really satisfying about not having to drip every 10 seconds. With a simple squeeze of the 7ml bottle sitting under my RDA I get a satisfying yet effective juice delivery to keep me vaping non-stop.

The ability to vary my parameters in terms of wattage is a real treat with a squonk mod since it allows you to get the best vape possible with the exact same amount of power every single time, thanks to the new chipset. This also means that any voltage drop from the battery disappears, so you can get every single surge of power until the battery is completely ringed out.