The term RDA is used loosely in the vaping world. Some people call it a ‘rebuildable deck atomiser’, some call it a ‘rebuildable dripping atomiser’. Either way, it describes the same thing. Actually, ‘rebuildable dripping atomiser’ is correct, as this type of device drips e-liquid onto coils that you have fitted yourself.

How do I use an RDA?

RDAs were originally made for mechanical mods only, but nowadays they can be used with regulated box mods - as most now support low ohm resistance coils and provide sufficient power. Most RDAs are customisable, so you can change components to compliment your vaping style e.g. cloud chasing / flavour chasing.

Using an RDA is pretty easy once you understand the process. With a little time and patience you’ll soon be playing around with different coil builds. Simply wrap your own coil, install it securely and then thread some cotton through to soak up the e-liquid dripped on to it.

Despite requiring a bit more in terms of effort and knowledge, using an RDA does have its advantages:

Benefits of using an RDA

  • High performance vaping

  • Build coils to your desired resistance

  • More affordable than purchasing standard coil heads.

 RDAs are highly customizable devices used by hobbyists who want to calibrate their vape to their exact preference whilst saving money on vape consumables.


Here are some RDAs: