It’s obvious, you’re a little confused with the concept of vaping and to be honest, we don’t blame you.

Right, let’s start off by making one very clear point; 
Smoking is NOT cool & vaping is NOT targeted at anyone under the age of 18. E-cigarettes were created as a means to help quit smoking, not encourage people to take up smoking. 

Okay? Got it? Good. 

So, back to your questions.

You may have come across a few vapers in your time, or perhaps you’ve seen people in the street using e-cigarettes. This may have lead you to ask: “What is vaping?” or “How does it work”, or even “Can I use this method to quit smoking?” 

Perhaps you’re past that point, and you’ve moved onto “I want to start vaping, but where do I start?” or, if you’re anything like me; “Why does this person’s smoke smell like a delicious blueberry doughnut?”

Over the past 5 years, the e-cig / vaping industry has made a big impact on high street retail and ecommerce, giving smokers a healthier alternative to using traditional tobacco products. That’s all it is; a healthier, safer and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional smoking methods. A recent survey carried out by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), shows more than half of the nearly 3 million people in Britain who vape, are ex-smokers. Which is great news - well done team!

Maybe, you’re now wondering, “is vaping safe? Is vaping bad?”

Vaping health is a concern however, let’s allow Public Health England to educate you in 10 words or less:

“E-cigarettes are “95% less harmful than smoking.”

There are a lot of studies out there that show that vaping is less harmful than smoking, several reports on BBC Horizon channel also show these studies on vaping health. – Why not check them out here – BBC Horizon.

How to start vaping? Choosing your devices!

Since the electronic cigarette industry started, it has grown faster in popularity than Adidas tear-off pants. We’re almost at the point now where there’s too much choice.

But don’t worry, my friend. We’ve got you covered!

Perhaps your first two questions are “What vape should I buy” & “What is the best e-cigarette for me?” 

UK ECIG STORE has a vast array of starter kits which cater to every individual’s specific needs. If you’re looking to make the switch ASAP, I’d suggest starting with the One Kit. It’s quick, easy and so convenient. Quick - Order before 3pm & you’ll get it tomorrow!
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The one kit 

The Best Device to Start? Pen vs Box Mods

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is a ridiculous selection of devices available on the vape market. Thankfully all of these devices fall under two categories, making it easier to start your vaping journey:

Pen style mods

Box style mods

So, which one do you choose? Well, that depends on what look you’re looking to achieve. As we’re assuming you’re looking into vaping as a means to quit smoking, we highly recommend a pen style device to begin with. This will deliver a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette in the sense that it is mouth to lung, directly delivering the nicotine hit you’re craving.

When choosing which device is the best fit, you’ll also need to consider if you’re a casual or a heavy smoker. A casual smoker, or a social smoker tends to be that guy/gal who pinches your cigarettes when you’re at the pub having a few, and very rarely has their own at hand. 

A heavy smoker, is someone who wouldn’t dare venture out without cigarettes or rolling tobacco. 

Devices have different power outputs. As a beginner, it is best to start off with a device that uses a lower wattage. There’s no point trying to run before you can walk, right? As a casual smoker, it is recommended that you use a low nicotine level, and as a heavy smoker you should start at a higher nicotine level. But work your way down on both levels, obviously. 


Pick the Best Vape E-liquid Flavour! 

Alright, the hard part is done now; you’ve picked out your new device and the only thing left to do is select your e-liquid flavour. It all comes down to your personal preference. Do you like blueberries, baked treats, menthol or traditional tobacco? The range of e-liquid flavours is beyond huge. Basically, if you can imagine a flavour you’d like, chances are that somebody out there has already produced it or something similar.

My suggestion to you would be to pop into one of our stores and try them out for yourself. Figure out what you do and don’t like and go from there! 

Just one more thing… There’s this VG/PG thing you may also want to consider.

Simply put; These two components are odourless liquids which are combined with a flavouring and nicotine (or not), to create e-liquids.

PG (Propylene Glycol)– higher content percentages of PG are used for less vapour and more of a throat hit

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) – used for more flavour, more vapour and is naturally sweet.

E-liquids that are higher in PG will give you a sharper throat hit, which mimics the effects of cigarette smoking. If you’re a beginner converting from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, we recommend you a higher percentage PG vaping juice. It’s recommended you use a higher percentage of VG vaping liquid in a sub-ohm device. This is because sub-ohm vaping is designed to produce more vapour. 

Please keep in mind, nicotine liquid can also sometimes vary in flavour. The more nicotine that’s added into your vape juice, the more your flavour will be diluted.

For example, an e-liquid with 12mg of nicotine will have a less prominent flavour than an e-liquid with 3mg. So, with all this in mind; good luck choosing your favourites, readers!

Vaping laws

For those of you that are unaware of this, as of 19th May 2017 businesses selling e-cig products have been restricted and are required to be compliant to Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2017. Here are some key points that you should know:

-       We can only sell e-cig tanks that have the capacity of 2ml or under

-       We can only sell e-liquid in 10ml bottles that contain nicotine.

-       The highest nicotine strength that can be supplied is 20mg/ml

-       All products will have been tested and will have warning labels.