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Vaping Outlaws Ceramic Tweezers

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Advanced thick stainless steel Ceramic tweezers. Polished and sandblasted matte treatment. Advanced ceramic tip for high temperatures. remain sturdy whilst in use.
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1 x Ceramic Tweezers

Ceramic design
Stainless steel
Can withstand very high temperatures
Anti-static handle

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Vaping Outlaws ceramic tweezers

If there's one thing every builder should own in their toolbox, it's the Vaping Outlaws Ceramic Tweezers for one simple reason - they are freaking awesome! To put this into perspective, builders used normal, steel tweezers for their building applications and they were cool and all, until you accidentally fired your coils whilst the tweezers were touching, created a short and ruined your coils... that being said, you don't have to worry about that anymore because ceramic is not conductive! Which actually means you can pinch your coils and mess with them whilst you're firing them and nothing happens! It's honestly the best and when you use them for other things like adding cotton or strumming your coils, it opens up a lot of doors. One word of warning though; ceramic tends to hold it's heat for a while so be careful when handling the business end of these tweezers as they may still be hot.

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
By Yianno