New dessert e-liquid range by Dolce Desserts catering to sweet-toothed vapers

New dessert e-liquid range by Dolce Desserts catering to sweet-toothed vapers

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

An exciting new dessert range has entered the vaping world from the UK, Dolce Dessert. They strive to manufacture high quality, premium vape juices in a variety of flavours and have newly released five delicious dessert nicotine salts flavours to complete their already well established six 50 ml Shortfill range. For those of you who have a sweet tooth and love candy-like vape flavours, you are in for a treat. 

We have tried and tested them, and one thing is for sure, we just can't get enough.

To be directed to the Dolce Dessert collection page, please see below:

Dolce Dessert & Dolce Salts E-Liquid Collection

The first range that we are going to unveil is their latest release, The Dolce Salt Range. The interesting thing about these 5 flavours is that they implement the use of Nicotine Salicylate. This is considered to be one of the most natural of the acid salts, as it is commonly found in fruits, vegetables and various natural herbs.

Nicotine Salicylate is very smooth with little to no flavour changes when added to a flavoured e-liquid, and while nicotine delivery can be fairly strong at high dosage, there is no harshness in the throat it whatsoever, making this the smoothest kind of nicotine in the market today.

Now let’s get down to those flavours!  

Dolce Salts Caramel Milkshake
Dolce Salts Caramel Milkshake Nic Salt E-Liquid

A mix of soft, sweet caramel, well balanced with a large amount of thick whipped cream, making an actual caramel milkshake come to reality with this rich dessert blend. You will be tricked into believing that you are holding a milkshake instead of your vape with this flavour, which is perfectly suitable for those who want an articulate and dense aroma.


Dolce Salts Vanilla Custard
Dolce Salts Vanilla Custard Nic Salt E-liquid

Such a smooth and creamy taste of vanilla, that blends with a warm and rich layer of custard. It has attempted and succeeded to be subtle and realistic enough to create this tasteful and delicious mix. This Dolce Salts flavour is perfect for those who prefer avoiding the fruity flavours, and instead are seeking a flavour that is a little more rich and luxurious.

Dolce Salts Blueberry Jam Tart
Dolce Salts Blueberry Jam Custard Nic Salt E-Liquid

This is for those who want to go for something Packed with flavour. Blueberry Jam Custard is wrapped around a warm smooth custard with sweet undertones of fresh blueberry jam. The custard in this flavour is beautifully blended with blueberry jam, with a soft and creamy texture. A fantastic dessert vape that will have you reaching for more. 

Dolce also make great 50 ml flavours that are perfect for those who use a sub-ohm device, and love a sweet flavourful vape juice. They have 6 flavours in total, but today we are only going to break down 3 of them, leaving you free to discover the rest.

Dolce Dessert Apple Pie 50 ml
Dolce Dessert Apple Pie 50 ml Shortfill E-liquid

First off, there is the nostalgic and flavourful Apple Pie. This flavour is as close to the sweet smell of a freshly baked apple pie as you can get. On inhale, you are greeted with a sweet, fruity taste. Then on the exhale you are left with a sweet yet spicy flavour. It tastes like a quintessential apple pie; baked with green apples, brown sugar and cinnamon. The closest vape juice I could compare it to is Mr. Fritter by Cuttwood, but Dolce Dessert have nailed it in their own special way. 


Dolce Dessert Lemon Tart 50 ml
Dolce Dessert Lemon Tart 50 ml Shortfill E-Liquid

Next up, Dolce Desserts have cultivated a Lemon Tart e-liquid, a citrus dessert blend. A lemon curd taste, coupled with a creamy meringue, creates a complex, layered vape. However, the citrus is not too sharp and does still have a creamy flavour. All in all, this is a really well-balanced flavour, catering to those who like a refreshing citrus tastes but with creamy undertones. 

Dolce Dessert Berry Tart 50 ml
Dolce Dessert Berry Tart 50 ml Shortfill E-liquid

Last but not least in this incredible range is Berry Tart. This flavour comes through with sweet and flavorsome raspberries and blueberries. Dolce has done a fantastic job encapsulating sharp flavours in this vape juice. Each taste of Berry Tart is packed full of a sweet yet tangy berry flavour. I would highly recommend this to vapers who like their mixed berries and a sweet vape. 

As always, let us know your opinions and if you do have any feedback leave a review on the product page! Which flavour made your taste buds tingle - Apple Pie, Lemon Tart or Berry Tart? We can’t wait to hear which one you prefer!

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