Vape Battery Chargers

Charge your mod and batteries quickly and efficiently using one of our quality and ultra fast Vape Battery Chargers. From our extensive range, you will be able to choose from a 4 bay vape battery charger all the way to ego-style charger. We have also included vape accessories such as plug adaptors, battery charger cases and wireless devices to make fully charging your vaping equipment nice and easy.

UK ECIG STORE The One USB Charger 1.5M
Sold OutSave 20%
UK ECIG STORE - 510 USB Charger
Sold OutSave 68%
UK ECIG STORE Multi-Charger
Save 50%
Nitecore F4 Charger & Power Bank
Sold OutSave 28%
JUUL USB Charger Dock
Save 25%
JUUL USB Charger Dock

£2.99 £3.99

Aspire 3 Pin UK Adaptor
Sold Out
Aspire USB 500ma Charger
Sold OutSave 20%
Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Charger
Sold OutSave 70%
Masterplug European Travel Adapter
Sold OutSave 50%
Evolv DNA Charger
Sold OutSave 50%
Evolv DNA Charger

£2.99 £5.99

Vaporshark DNA30 Wireless Charger
Sold OutSave 51%
Xtar - U1 SIX-U 45W 6-port USB Charger
Sold OutSave 52%
XTAR MC2 Intellicharger
Sold Out
Provape ProVari Car Pass Through Kit
Sold OutSave 77%

What batteries can you charge with the portable charges?

One of the most popular portable charges is Nitecore Intellicharger that allows you to charge up to 8 batteries at the same time. You can charge (18650 - 2500) batteries, however charging your vape batteries with a portable charge it will increase the life and always will charge 100%.

What mAh mean?

The mAh stands for milli Ampere hour. It is the measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. The higher mAh the battery has the more power the battery can store inside.