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A Pen style vape kit is a great choice for new starters who are looking for a device that will help them to stop smoking for good! The compact and slender exterior of a vape pen perfectly replicates that of a cigarette while its interior battery, coil, and E-Liquid produce an enjoyable vaping output to successfully satiate cravings. At the UK ECIG STORE, we have curated a selection of some of the best vape pens featuring powerful batteries, palm-friendly designs, and an ability to accommodate a wide range of vape juice flavours.

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What is a pen style vape kit?

A pen-style vape kit or an e pen, simply put, is a vape kit that is designed to resemble the shape of a pen or a fountain pen. Quality pen kits tend to be long and slimline making them very compact and portable. The pen-style kits tend to have an inbuilt battery to ensure the size says reduced and the device as a whole isnÕt too big making it uncomfortable to use and transport around with you.

Is there a best pen style vape kit?

A great example of a pen style vape kit from the starter kit category would be the  One Kit that is manufactured by ourselves at UK ECIG STORE. It has become one of the most popular kits that we have sold and we have received some incredibly positive feedback from hundreds of customers regarding how good the kit is, which is highly appreciated!

What are the different types of pen style vape kit?

Vape Pens can be split into two different categories, either mouth to lung (MTL) or Sub Ohm. If you are looking for a pen style vape kit that will be a perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes then the MTL-styled vape pen would be ideal. If you come from a shisha background or are simply looking to get a vape kit that produces more vapour, then you may want to lean towards a Sub Ohm pen style vape kit.

Who makes pen style vape kits?

There are a lot of pen-style kits that are classed as starter kits, but not all of them are. The Uwell Nunchaku 2 Kit, Aspire K4 Kits> and the Freemax Twister kit are great examples of Pen Style Vape Kits that are Sub Ohm Vape Kits and not classed as starter kits.

What kind of e liquid is best for MTL vaping?

Ideally, MTL vapers should go for a vape juice that has a fairly high Propylene Glycol (PG) content, for example, 50% or higher. Higher PG content will mostly deliver sharper throat hits, which closely resemble the ones found in combustive cigarette smoking. Is interesting to know that PG is the flavour carrier in e liquids, and does this better than VG. So why do we have any VG content in e liquids? Well, PG on its own is very harsh, therefore Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is added on e liquids, in order to smoothen the harsh throat hit caused by a pure PG ratio.

Ultimately, one of the bottom lines in successfully switching from smoking habits to vaping is by having greater control over nicotine cravings. This is why MTL vaping is suggested and preferred by new vapers, since most starter e liquids contain a high nicotine content. This includes Nic Salts vape juice which, at 20mg of nicotine, is well suited to MTL devices.