IVG E-Liquid

IVG E-Liquids are a UK brand who specialise in premium vape juices for vapers across the world. IVG vapes are the perfect choice for those who love summer vapes, chasing clouds, or both.

IVG offers a wide range of popular e-liquid flavours that cover a huge range of the flavour spectrum from berries to tropical fruits, citrus, and more. IVG premium e-liquids take all the summer flavours you love and mix them with IVG’s signature cooling effect for a series of fantastically refreshing treats that are great all year round.

IVG E-Liquids have also released their own IVG Disposable which has proven popular amongst their legions of fans. Their latest release of Shortfills, the IVG Mixer Range is amongst our most sought-after flavour ranges. Shop IVG liquids in Shortfills, Nic Salts, 50/50, and 10ml E-Liquids. 

IVG 250ml Mystery Bundle
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IVG 250ml Mystery Bundle

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IVG Closed Pod System Starter Kit
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IVG are one of the best and most popular E-liquid brands in the industry. They specialise in creating tropical and fruity flavoured e-liquid flavours that vapers love including flavour families like candy, soda, fruit, menthol and dessert blends. IVG Liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths and bottle sizes.



IVG have an outstanding range of 10ml 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid bottles in an abundance of flavours, including fun nostaglic flavours such as Cola Bottles and Jam Roly Poly. IVG never fail to exceed our expectations.


IVG's Nic Salt collection is full of enticing and creative flavours from refreshing lemonade to warming cinnamon we have a flavour for everyone. Nic Salts are perfect for anyone who wants to quit smoking but still enjoys a prominent nicotine hit, with IVG you get all of the above but with an amazing flavour.


UK ECIG STORE have an extensive IVG shortfill range that include all of IVG's best and more desires shortfall flavours. Shotfills have zero nicotine content and are aimed towards sub-ohm vapers, however, you can always add a nicotine shot to get a smaller but fulfilling nicotine hit. 


UK ECIG STORE are honoured to stock IVG's full range of creative e-liquid flavours. We are committed to giving our customers the newest and most popular IVG E-liquid products.


How many vape juices do IVG make?

IVG currently manufacture a selection of e-liquids in various different ranges. Some of the vape juice ranges that IVG make are the IVG Sweets, IVG Nic Salt 10ml Range, IVG 50/50 Range amongst others. All of the e-liquids and vape juices within the ranges vary in flavour and there is a large selection to choose from depending on your personal vaping preference.

What is the best IVG flavour?

Due to IVG making a huge selection of delicious e-liquids it is very hard to make a decision on which is the “best” flavour they have created. A couple of popular choices with our customers are Spearmint from the IVG Sweets range,  Riberry Lemonade from the IVG Mixer range and Summer Blaze from the Classic range

Where is IVG made?

IVG is manufactured in the UK and is made using only the highest quality ingredients to provide a perfect vape with the best possible flavour, every time.

Are IVG E-Liquids nice?

IVG E-Liquids have become very popular with a lot of customers along with members of our staff at UK ECIG STORE. They have fantastic flavour and produce good vapour production too. They all have very unique flavours which have increased in popularity and it is safe to say that, yes, IVG E-Liquids are nice to vape.

Do IVG make Nicotine Salts?

IVG do have a whole range of E-Liquids dedicated to Salt Nicotine. Their range consists of a great selection of flavours that are perfect for use in mouth to lung (MTL) tanks and also work perfectly in all pod kits. Salt Nicotine is still relatively new within the vaping world but the range by IVG delivers both a great flavour and nicotine hit.

Do IVG make any vape kits?

IVG have created an impressive pod kit which is accompanied by four award winning e-liquids. The flavours within the disposable pods are Mango, Iced Berry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry and Tobacco. This range will appeal to all different vapers and there is a flavour that everyone will love to vape. The kit itself has an innovative design and is quick, simple and easy to use and it is very easy to switch flavours. The pods adopt a click in feature which means it is hassle-free when you need to change the pod.


IVG Nic Salts – The IVG Nic Salts range are perfect for use in pod kits. They use salt-based nicotine instead of traditional freebase nicotine to provide an instant nicotine delivery which is faster acting than freebase nicotine too!

IVG Pod System – The IVG Pod System is designed to be simple to use but very effective at delivering instant nicotine hit to allow users to drop the cigarettes and make the switch to vaping.

IVG Pods – IVG Pods are designed to be used with the IVG Closed Pod System Kit mentioned above. They are available in a selection of four incredible flavours to suit all vaper’s tastes.