What you need to do to your e-cigarette before you start using it


In this article, we are going to explore a number of things related to your coils, we will cover most thing about vape coils we will look at

What are the main things you need to do to your e-cig before using it ( hint - its priming your vape coils).

As mentioned the main area we will be looking at is the priming process, we are going to go through how to prime your coils, the steps you should take, and the reasons behind doing so, we will cover getting the most out of your new coil and how this will help your e-cigarette run smoother and help reduce the chances of your vape coil burning out or causing the e-cigarette to leak and we will discuss how to get the best flavour out of your vape coils.

What is Priming

So you've just visited your local vape shop and purchased a brand new vape kit but are unsure on what to do next. Someone's mentioned you need to prime your coils first. But what is priming I hear you ask; to put it simply, priming coils is the action of applying your favourite e-liquid to the wicking material within your atomizer head/coil in order to ensure it is fully saturated before the first use. If you're unsure about which e-liquids work best with your particular coil types, more comprehensive information can be found below -5 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Coils.

This can be a nice and easy way to ensure that the cotton gets fully saturated by applying multiple layers of e-liquid first and allowing it to soak into the cotton. It’s advised to do this at least twice, keeping a lookout for any excess e-liquid that may drip out. This is also a good indication of the coil being ready for vaping.

How to prime a vape coil

In summary, most vape tank coils will come prebuilt with some form of wicking material (most commonly Silica wick or organic Japanese cotton) inside and this is what you would need to saturate before use. The easiest way to do this would be to drop a few droplets of vape juice directly into the coil from the top opening, making sure the droplets land on the cotton.

How to prime your coils infograptics

3 Steps of Priming Coils

  1. Begin by adding a single drop of e-liquid to each wicking hole, as this will start the wicking process.

    What is “Flooding”? Flooding occurs when the liquid has made its way into the center hole of the coil. That liquid tends to collect at the base of the coil and remain unvapourised. This causes the tank to leak or for your to taste liquid in your mouth when you vape.

  2. Once you have reassembled your tank, proceed to fill it with e-liquid.

    Note: It can sometimes take between 5 - 10 minutes for the e-liquid to completely soak into the coils.

  3. Priming puffs after the 5 - 10 minutes have elapsed, it is best to take a few sharp inhale puffs on the tank without firing your mod.

    Note: If you have a variable wattage device, it’s recommended to set the wattage lower than where you would normally use it. Take a few puffs to ensure the flavour is coming through, and then gradually increase the power to your desired preference.

    If you follow these steps you should find that you will not get any burnt taste initially and due to the cotton being saturated efficiently, this should also prolong the life of your coils which is important.

5 steps to get the most out of your coils

As a vaper, you may have experienced a few unpleasant, burnt hits (also known as dry hits) and you may be wondering how or why this occurs. There are a few potential causes for this and generally, it is to do with the coils in your tank.

Before we get into it, you will need to understand how a coil works and why your coils may be giving you a burnt taste. If you're out and about and happen to come across a burnt dry hit try our tips below or search for a vape shop near me and our local stores will be here to offer you the best advice and tricks to avoid burning out your vape coils.

First of all, the coil is your heating element within your tank or atomizer. Your battery within you vape mod will transmit an electrical current to heat the coil up. Around your coil will be some wicking material (usually organic cotton), and as you heat the coil it will begin to vaporise the e-liquid that has been saturated within the cotton.

To prevent your coils burning out you will need to ensure that your wicking material is kept saturated by e-liquid. This means that you shouldn’t dry burn your coils from new as this will ruin the wicking material causing it to not hold the e-liquid efficiently and you will get a constant taste of burning.

Understanding What Coil Is

Step 1 - Prime your coils before vaping the priming process.

It is very important to always prime your coils before you start vaping. Priming means placing a couple of drops of e-liquid onto the coils and wicking material

You should be priming your wick enough so that it looks wet, but not completely soaked. This could lead to some e-liquid leaking out of the tank. Over-saturating the cotton can cause the coil to become flooded which may cause leaking both instantly and further into the lifespan of the coil.

A common problem is that users may still get a burning taste even after priming. This normally occurs with atomiser heads. When the user tries to prime it, they’re most likely just putting in a couple of drops where they can just see the wick. In order to do it properly, you will need to drip e-liquid on the wick and also around the coil making sure it is fully saturated.

But priming is not just putting vape juice onto your wick. You also need to take primer puffs to ensure the correct flow of juice to your coils. By taking primer puffs you are making 100% sure that your coils are primed and you should get no dry/burnt hits. To take primer puffs simply inhale without pressing the fire button and if possible cover the airflow slots: take a few puffs on your device, as if you were vaping. This will absorb the e-liquid into the wick faster. Just take care when you do this as too many puffs or pulling too hard can flood your coil.

Step 2 - Stop chain vaping

Chain vaping simply means continuously vaping one puff after another. By doing this, you are drying out your wick quicker than the e-liquid can re-saturate. You need to ensure that the wick is constantly saturated in e-liquid to avoid dry/burnt hits.

A way of knowing when you are about to experience a dry hit is by how much flavour you can taste when you vape. When the flavour fades, the wick isn’t holding enough juice and you will risk burning your coil.

Step 3 - Reducing the power settings

Vaping at the correct wattage is very important, and everyone has their own sweet spot so it can be a matter of trial and error. Most manufacturers now suggest an optimal range of wattages for certain coils, making it more user-friendly if you don’t know much about vaping.

Consider the resistance of the coil you are using, as some are advised to be vaped between certain wattages. If you are vaping at too low a wattage you are going to end up flooding your coils, and if you vape too high you can burn it out.

By lowering the power you will vaporise less juice, thus reducing the risk of burning out and prolonging coil life. If you are vaping at higher wattages, yes, you are getting more cloud and sometimes more flavour from your e-liquid but you are also drying out your wick quicker. This is similar to chain vaping as you need to allow time for your wick to re-saturate with e-liquid.

Step 4 - Keeping your tank topped up

Vaping from a tank and an RDA is similar in some ways, you are not going to vape from your RDA without checking how much e-liquid is left on your wicks, are you? When vaping from a tank, you need to do something similar, by ensuring that the juice level doesn’t go below the juice-wicking holes. Below this, your wicks will not be effectively saturated with e-liquid and you may end up burning your coils.

A simple solution is to ensure that your vaping device is always as topped up as possible. Alternatively, you can tilt your tank from one side to another to ensure that the juice is going into the juice hole but let’s be honest, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Step 5 - Temperature control

This function is able to detect changes in resistance that occur when certain coil materials are heated up. TC devices such as the UK ECIG STORE One Box Mini which allows you to set a maximum temperature for your coil. When it reaches this temperature, the e-cig regulates the power delivered to the coil preventing it from exceeding the set temperature. This can be slightly complicated for a beginner vaper, but once you get it going, it works pretty well!

On some devices, you can also set the wattage - determining how quickly it will reach maximum temperature. When your tank has no liquid inside, the device will prevent the user from firing it up. Temperature control only works with certain wires such as Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel atomizer heads.

How long should a coil last ?

This is a common question and unfortunately, there is no one answer as there are many factors that affect the coil life span - for a guide - a coil of 1.1 ohm or higher used in a starters kit with high pg liquid should last about 2/4 weeks. Sub ohm coils which are 1.0-ohm resistance used above 30watts with high vg liquid should last 3/5 days.

How to get the best flavour out of your e-cigarette

How to get the best flavour out of your e-cigarette

So, not everybody wants to be a cloud chaser (blowing huge clouds). For some people, it’s all about the flavour.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered. Just like cloud chasing, you can tailor your vape build to get the most flavour out of every last drop of e-juice.

There are 7 factors to think about:

Wattage and temperature control

Different elements of e-liquids come out at different settings. This is because specific flavourings vaporise at different temperatures. This works in combination with the ohm coil you have. an atomizer head has a range of wattages printed on the coil itself to let you know what is best to fire the coil at. Think of it this way, food will always taste better when it is cooked to perfection. This applies to eliquid too and you will need to play about with your settings in order to find your “sweet spot”. We recommend that you start with a lower wattage and work your way up until it’s just right.


In contrast to cloud chasing, reducing the airflow will help to produce a denser and more flavoursome vape. Just remember that you do need some airflow, otherwise, the vapour can be too hot or won’t get through your device. The same as with power settings, we recommend you start low, with a tighter airflow, and adjust your way up until you find the right balance. Also, think about where you are positioning your air holes. When the holes are directly underneath your vape coil you should find there is more flavour.


The coil plays a big part in how much flavour you are able to bring to the table. Old style atomiser/coils have the problem that they work against gravity. Not a good idea! This means they don’t wick as effectively and may produce dry hits. Since those days, bottom coil atomisers have been introduced. Following that, come sub-ohm devices. They support atomizer heads that are lower than 1.0 Ohms and significantly increase the amount of vapour and flavour produced. Finally, rebuildable atomizers offer the ultimate experience. It’s a bit more hands-on, but if you’re comfortable with making your own coils, then go for it! They offer a level of customi

Wicking material

The material that you use for your wick and coil can make a huge impact on how much flavour you can taste. Old style silica wicks muted the taste of e-liquids. Cotton is now considered to be the best. We recommend Japanese Organic Cotton, as it offers the best absorption.


Typically, PG is the flavour carrier for your eliquid. The higher the PG the more flavour. But this also carries a greater throat hit - like cigarettes. It’s all about finding the right balance between PG and VG. A 50/50 ratio is ideal. This still offers great flavour, with excellent vapour production and a manageable throat hit.

Drip Tips

There are a large variety of drip tips available on the market, from the wide bore to narrow, and long to short. In general drip tips improve flavour.


Yes, it’s next to Godliness! The cleaner your tank, coil and wicking material, the better the vape. So don’t get sloppy guys. Replace it when it’s time. You’ll be grateful you did!

Why does my vape tastes burnt?

Why does my vape tastes burnt

These are the main reasons why your vape tastes burnt or why your coils keep burning out.

  1. Not enough vape juice in your tank or pod - fill it up!
  2. You didn't prime your tank or vape pod prior to using it - try priming or use a new coil and prime that before use as explained above.
  3. Your chain vaping, and not letting the coil soak up the liquid- take a break for 10/20 seconds between each drag.
  4. The power of your device is set too high - reduce it
  5. The coil has had its time - change to a fresh new coil


If you follow these steps you should find that you will not get any burnt taste initially and due to the cotton being saturated efficiently, this should also prolong the life of your coils which is important. If you require any further help or are looking for a vape shop near me, head over to our local stores where our experienced staff will assist you in getting the best out of your vape coils and e-cigarette kit.

I hope this information has been helpful and will aid you in getting the most out of your tank and coils you use. If you do have any further questions with regards to priming coils then please feel free to send an email over to our Customer Services team on support@ukecigstore.com where they will be happy assist you.