Vape Coils

Discover our extensive range of replacement vape coils - whether you require mouth to lung Sub Ohm coils, Mesh Coils or Standard Coils. Ecig coils are a replaceable element to most e-cigarettes, and can ultimately shape your vaping experience. Coils are essential to the healing of your e-liquid and creating that awesome vapour we love, but, they are not everlasting so the frequency you'll need to change your coils are dependant on your specific vape - back-ups are recommended!


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Coils FAQs

What is a coil?

A coil is the heating element within a vape tank. The coil will heat up and vapourise the e-liquid. The coils can be made from various materials including Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nickel or Kanthal, with Kanthal being the most popular choice for vape coils UK and global manufacturers.

Does any coil fit any vape?

Vape replacement coils do vary between size and brands, therefore they are not all the same, unfortunately. Vape tanks operate differently from one another, especially if we are comparing sub ohm and mouth to lung tanks. We recommend checking your kit information and make your replacement purchases accordingly. If unsure, feel free to contact our customer service team, as they will be happy to help you through electronic cigarette kit, pod, or any product concerns you may have.

Can you keep vaping with a burnt coil?

While vaping, if you have either been chain vaping or let the tank gone dry off e-liquid, you may taste a burnt sensation. When this happens this means that your coils have gone bad, and it is recommended not to continue vaping it, as it will only deliver an unpleasant sensation along with the taste of burned cotton.

Which coil is best for vape?

There is a huge selection of coils available in the vape coils uk market nowadays between sub ohm and mouth to lung vaping( like smoking cigarettes). The qualities people are looking into coils are flavour and durability, as those can impact a user vaping experience in the long run. If you are looking to get some sub-ohm coils ideally you should look into these brands:

  • Freemax: Great quality capable of lasting longer than average, while providing good flavour

  • Uwell: High powered coils with enhanced cloud production along with flavour

  • Horizontech: High flavour delivery along with great durability

  • Innokin: Strong durability providing well a great flavour in the long run for customer satisfaction

  • Aspire: Smooth heat providing great durability and good vapour

Are mesh vape coils better?

Mesh coils are more intense than standard coils in taste and cloud production. They are quite the norm today, as they are included with most premium tanks nowadays. Since mesh coils are generally better at producing more vapour, they are mostly used on sub ohm tanks and devices.

Is it OK to vape with a burnt coil?

Simply put vaping one burnt coil is not good, as in the long run it can be toxic and cause you to feel unwell. If you taste your coil to be burnt do not hesitate, get a new replacement coil and dispose of the older one.

Is it cheaper to make your own vape coils?

Initially, you will need to stock up on cotton, pre-made coils, or wires but yes, you will be saving in the long run if you chose to make your own coils and use a rebuildable deck. Apart from the aforementioned products, you will also require the time to build the coils along with prepping the cotton, but most importantly you will need the knowledge of building coils, but don't be discouraged as there are plenty of guides & information related to the subject available.

Can you clean and reuse vape coils?

Technically cleaning and reusing coils is possible if done so correctly, but if you are after clean taste and best performance we would not recommend doing so; once you start utilising a coil, the cotton will start to saturate, and even if you can successfully remove the burnt part of it through cleaning, the residual cotton is already saturated to a point of no return.

Why do my vape coils burn out so fast?

Provided that you are using the correct type of coil for your e liquids, there are two main reasons for this:

  • Chain Vaping: At times if a device is used repeatedly, the vaporisation will happen faster than what the coil is capable to take, as the cotton will struggle to absorb enough e-juice to keep moisturised. This will cause the coil to dry prematurely and therefore to be heated without any e-juice presence, ultimately making the cotton burn. Avoid puffing repeatedly in order to avoid this and if this causes you discomfort due to nicotine withdrawals, consider slightly increasing your nicotine level.

  • Empty Tank: If the level of the e-juice struggles to reach the coil's cotton, this will cause the coil to burn dry, conclusively burning the cotton inside it. In order to avert this issue, keep a check on the e-juice level inside your tank or pod, and ensure your container is always more than half full.

How often should you replace vape coils?

The lifespan of replacement coils can vary depending on both your usage and the type of e-juice utilised. If you are a frequent user, you can expect it to last between one to two weeks, otherwise for occasional vapers once a month should suffice. Ensure you keep in check any signals such as a change in taste, unexpected leaks, gurgling noise or e-liquid spits from the mouthpiece; any of these events could be a sign that your e cig coil needs replacement. Ensure to buy 3 pack or 5 pack, since they are cheaper than bought singularly and will give you always a ready replacement.

How to make my vape coils able to take more wattage

Usually dual or mesh coils grants you the ability to set a larger and higher wattage range in your mod. Mesh coils most of the time can have a maximum range of around 80 to 130 watts, which will allow you to vape with high cloud production. Ensure you double-check the pack, as in most cases it will display the wattage range provided by the coils. In case you build your own coils, using a dual deck will support 2 coils to be used at once, lowering the total resistance and ultimately increasing the wattage demand for vaporisation.

How to get rid of that new coil taste for my vape

If you find the taste of the coil not matching the e-juice's aroma, you should then ensure that it is properly wicked first. To do so you can follow these tips:

  • Add a few drops of e-juice in the internal part of the coil, usually found accessible at the top

  • Once the new coil is installed, fill the e-juice in the tank or pod, and allow 5 minutes to rest

  • Following the coil installment, it is also possible to force wick the coil externally! To do so simply close all airflows connected to the tank or pod, and suck onto the mouthpiece. While doing so you should be able to see air bubbles forming inside the container around the coil, and when this happens it means that the coil has just absorbed some e-juice.

Can copper wire become coil vape?

In theory, copper can be used as coil wire to build coil resistance wire, as it is a very good electric conductor, but as it is not in the norm, we suggest that only those who can operate it should be used. This is because of copper wires' nature of being very thin; if the wire utilised is not thick enough, the resistance will be so low that a regulated mod won't read it, or if used in a mechanical mod, it could provoke hazardous risks. Please use it carefully.

How do you tell if a coil is MTL or DTL? 

If the resistance of a coil is below 1.00 Ohm then it would be in the sub-ohm category and if it 1.01 Ohm or above then it will be an MTL coil (standard coil).

How do you prime a coil? 

To prime a coil, you have to ensure that the cotton wick inside is fully saturated with E-Liquid. Many people will also fill their tank up with E-Liquid before use and leave it to stand for a period of time to sit before use just to ensure further saturation of the cotton.