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Discover our extensive range of replacement vape coils - whether you require mouth to lung Sub Ohm coils, Mesh Coils, or Standard Coils. Ecig coils are a replaceable element to most e-cigarettes, and can ultimately shape your vaping experience. Coils are essential to the healing of your e-liquid and creating that awesome vapour we love, but, they are not everlasting so the frequency you'll need to change your coils is dependent on your specific vape - back-ups are recommended!
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Standard coils (MTL)

Standard coils (MTL)

MTL coils have high resistance. This means that they are generally low powered (under 20 watts) and recommended to be used with e-liquid with a PG content of 50% or more. They give you a cigarette-style vape and are normally used with higher nicotine e-liquids. You would normally use these coils in pen style or pod kits.

  • For Mouth to Lung vaping
  • Higher resistance over 1.0 Ohms
  • Ideal for thiner e-liquids or higher pg ratios
  • last much longer than sub ohm coils (2-4weeks)
  • Require 10-20 watt of power
  • Produces less vapor
Sub-ohm coils (DTL)

Sub-ohm coils (DTL)

Sub-ohm coil basically means that the resistance of the coil is smaller than 1.0ohm. Any coil that is below that resistance is considered a sub-ohm coil. These produce a lot more vapour than MTL coils because they work at much higher wattages. Recommended e-liquids to be used with these coils are 70% VG or higher and lower than 6mg in nicotine. Higher nicotine e-liquids do not work with sub-ohm coils as the throat hit would be too harsh.

  • For Direct to lung or Sub ohm vaping
  • Lower resistance below 0.9ohms
  • Ideal for thicker or higher vg ratio vape liquids
  • Need to be changed every 2-10 days depending on frequency of use-
  • Requires over 25 watts of power
  • Produces denser vapor
Ceramic coils

Ceramic coils

Ceramic coils are not as popular anymore but they still have a place on the market. They are the in-between coil sitting above MTL coils but below sub-ohm. They produce a good amount of vapour and flavour and can be used with almost any e-liquid. You may find high and low resistance coils and therefore use them at high and low powers so make sure you refer to the packaging for vaping instructions.

  • Not all coils have a ceramic option
  • Ceramic used instead of stainless steel wire
  • Available for both MTL and DTL
  • Last longer than traditional coils
Rebuildable (DIY) Coils

Rebuildable (DIY) Coils

Rebuildable coils are coils you make yourself. These are for use in rebuildable tanks. All other types of coils are pre-assembled however, these coils consist of 2 main components: wire and cotton. You can find pre-built coils or just wires which you would have to build the coil with. Once you have your coil installed in an RDA/RDTA/RBA, you have to thread a strip of vaping cotton through it to act as the wick. This will soak up the e-liquid and hold it whilst the coil will heat up and burn the e-liquid, creating vapour. These coils need to be topped up often as the cotton will dry out within 4-5 puffs.

  • Coils you make yourself using wire and cotton
  • Can only be used with compatible tanks
  • Best for flavour - Best for value for money
  • Requires setting up every time coils needs changing