ZYN is a recent addition to the UK market, yet its roots trace back to a rich history. Crafted with pride by Swedish Match, ZYN represents a contemporary, tobacco-free evolution of snus, a tradition deeply ingrained in Sweden and Norway since the 18th century. The concept took shape in 2016 when Swedish Match envisioned a novel approach – removing tobacco and introducing refined, premium nicotine. The success was evident, with ZYN currently boasting sales of over 100 million cans annually in the United States.

ZYN consists of top-tier nicotine and ingredients that meet food-grade standards. The pouch, crafted from plant fibres, is meticulously designed to provide a comfortable sensation under your lip while efficiently delivering nicotine.

Currently, ZYN Nicotine Pouches are available in Slim and Mini versions with a few strengths to choose from across a handful of flavours. Each nicotine pouch will last around 30 minutes and it is recommended that you only use one ZYN Nicotine Pouch at a time.

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