Squonk Mods

Around a decade ago Squonking kits entered the vaping market, however, it wasn't until recent years when this unique range of squonk mod vapes became popular in the mainstream. Despite this squonk vape mods are still a niche product for vaping enthusiasts and are known for their creative usability. Squonk vaping mods allow easy top-up of e-liquid through a squeezy bottle installed into the Squonk mod. Check out our collection of Squonk box mods below. Free shipping on squonk mod UK orders over £20

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What is a Squonk Mod?

A Squonking mod is an advanced type of mod, that is usually connected to a rebuildable deck, and feeds e liquid directly to the coil. A bottle is located inside the mod shelf, usually next to the battery that through a small tube, it feed the atomiser deck with liquid to through a manually performed squeeze. By applying pressure to the squonking bottle of the mod, the e juice contained within it, travels up the tube feeding promptly the atomiser deck directly. When the pressure applied by the user stops, the vacuum created inside the bottle draws excess liquid back in the container.

What are the benefits of using a Squonk mod?

Well if you are a Sub-ohm user, there are plenty. For instance, since the squonking bottle is not classified as a tank, it can contain usually around 7 ml of e liquid content, making refill less frequent, and avoiding the need to bring with you a short fill bottle all the time. Another benefit is by using an RDA. Since those lack the presence of a tank, those need to be dripped manually in order to be used, therefore a squonk mod comes into play very efficiently here, by providing constant e liquid content in the deck, and making thing easier as well as more comfortable.

What do you need before getting a Squonk mod?

Fist of all, what you need is vaping experience. Those devices require a certain level of expertise, more over if we are referring to a non-regulated mod. The aforementioned tend to be dangerous if not used with knowledge and care, therefore they are not recommended to those who are new in the vaping scene. Squonk mods are recommended to RDA and Mech mods users, as all their features are existing to make a dripper's life easier, by avoiding the constant use of an e liquid bottle for dripping purposes.

Need help finding information related to Squonk mods?

Getting into rebuildable atomisers and Squonk mods can be a daunting and confusing matter therefore help is essential for those not too familiar with the subjected matter. First hand help would be ideal, thus why not visit a vape shop near me or one of our many UK Wide Vape Shops? You can easily get the latest expert advise from our trusted and experienced staff. They'll guide you through picking the right vape kit and mods, along with the best coils and e liquids for your new kit.