Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub -ohm vape tanks were created to replicate the same benefits of incredible flavour and impeccable vapour clouds as a rebuildable atomiser. However, it's the best option if you favour the convenience of having a Sub Ohm Vape Tank already set up - hassle free. We have a range of Sub Ohm Tanks for advanced users. Discover our selection below.

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What is the best sub ohm vape tank?

This is up for dispute and you will find a lot of vapers that will have their own view on the best Sub Ohm Vape Tank. One that is extremely popular and we have had no reports of leaking is the Horizontech  Tank. This 2ml capacity tank is designed to be used at medium to a high power of 50W - 90W. It produces incredible flavour within the dense vapour and it has many people trying to beat it for performance.

Which companies make sub ohm vape tanks?

Almost all Vape Tank manufacturers have released a Sub Ohm Vape Tank as it is such a desirable market for many vapers. Sub Ohm Tanks come a variety of designs and shapes but cannot be purchased with a capacity of over 2ml. Knowing this, Sub Ohm Vape Tank manufacturers have created bubble glass replacements for many tanks allowing you to increase the capacity of your tank while not breaching any of the TPD regulations.

How do sub ohm vape tanks work?

Sub Ohm tanks are defined by the resistance of the coil they house and ensuring the resistance is below 1.00 Ohm it is sub ohm. There are a lot of different resistances and this will differ depending on the manufacturer. A Sub Ohm tank will use the power from the battery in the device to heat up the coil within the tank and vapourise the E-Liquid that is saturated within the cotton.

Are sub ohm vape tanks expensive?

The price of sub ohm tanks can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should be able to find a very well performing tank from as little as £10, although most sub ohm vape tanks are typically priced around the £20 - £35 bracket.

What is a Sub-Ohm tank?

A Sub-Ohm tank defined as such when the coil utilised is lower than an ohm, which is opposite of MTL tanks. Most Sub Ohm tanks will come with an adjustable airflow installed, in order to give freedom of choice, on the airflow allowed for every puff taken. The tighter the airflow is, the less air goes through the tank, meaning that the vapour will settle in your tank for a little while longer, providing a more powerful flavour production.

What are the benefit of using Sub-Ohm tanks?

The highlighted benefit of using Sub-Ohm tanks is the power. As they tend to have mods that are more powerful than a standard MTL kit, and have a lower resistance, they can output a higher wattage, ultimately intensifying the flavour contained in the tank. Cloud production is also enhanced on its own regard, which gives a higher nicotine hit. Since the vaping experience is intensified on a Sub-Ohm tank, usually just a low nicotine strength is required, to satisfying a user's need.

Which Sub Ohm tank is would be best suited for me?

Finding the right sub ohm tank and e cig kit can make or break your transition from smoking to vaping. So we've prepared a selection of the best sub ohm kits, sub ohm mods and sub ohm vape tanks for you to choose from. With a wide range of sub ohm vape kits to choose from finding the perfect device would depend on a few personal factors. Our handy guide on choosing your first vape kit will talk you through each of them and help you find the right vape kit for you.

Still Need Help Finding the Best Sub Ohm tanks?

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