Vampire Vape E-Liquid

Vampire Vape E-liquid is a UK based popular brand of E-liquid. Vampire Vape juice has fast become of of the UK's leading brands due to its high quality creative e-liquid flavours. Explore our fabulous Vampire Vape E-liquids below. 

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Vampire Vape E-Liquid is one of the leading brands and manufacturers in the UK for vape juice. Vampire Vape is a 100% British homegrown brand that produces high quality and inventive e-Liquids. They were established in 2012 and since then have proved themselves as a creative and reliable brand.



Vampire Vape as a brand lean into a playful gothic aesthetic, and their 10mls are no exception. Their flavours are a tinge of darkness and often include deep flavoured berries and aniseed to provide a truly unique and on-brand flavour. 10mls come in a range of nicotine strengths that range from 3mg to 12mg and work great in a variety of vapes.


Nicotine Salt E-liquids are taking over the vaping industry, and Vampire Vapes have really embraced this. People worldwide love nicotine salts as they allow you to have a satisfying smooth vaping experience while still getting the strong nicotine hit you desire. Nic Salts usually come in much higher nicotine contents from 10mg to 20mg.


Shorfills were designed with advanced vaper in mind and are intended for sub-ohm devices. Vampire Vape Shortfill's come in a large bottle and usually have 100ml of liquid. They usually don't contain any nicotine, but allows some room to add your favourite nic shot if you want a small amount of nicotine. 


Vampire Vape E-liquids are a popular brand that produces amazing and interesting flavours and we a proud to stock their vast collection. We are honoured to support British vaping manufacturers and as a small business are thrilled to support our local communities.

Is Vampire Vape Juice Safe?

As Vampire Vape is made in the UK. So they ensure to use the highest of quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients in their juices. Their e-liquids are tried and tested to guarantee they are as safe as possible.

Where are Vampire Vape Liquid Made?

Vampire vape is a British vape brand. Their juices are mixed in Britain and sold nationally.

What Ratio is Vampire Vape?

Vampire vape e-liquids contain Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the percentage or ratio of each liquid is dependant on the e-liquid type and purpose. Be sure to check the product info for the correct details.

What are the best Vampire Vape flavours?

Vampire Vape has an amazing range of award-winning flavours their most popular and bestselling flavours include Heisenburg and Pinkman which is available in many juice types and sizes.