Prefilled Pod Vape Kits

Pre-filled pod vape kits also known as Closed Pod Kits are simple to use vape kits, which use non refillable pods. Each pod is pre-filled with e-liquid and contains the heating coil. The advantage of this is that it is extremely simple to use and maintain, making pre-filled pod kits ideal for anyone that is new to vaping. There is no sacrifice in terms of flavour or quality either with many top quality brands to choose from including Elf Bar, JUUL, VUSE and BLU. Once the e-liquid in the pod runs out you simply remove the old pod and pop in a new prefilled pod.

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What are prefilled pod vape kits?

Prefilled vape kits are a type of pod vape kit that use pods that already contain e-liquid and a heating coil. Each one of these pods is designed to be disposed of once the e-liquid inside has run out. Prefilled vape kits are also commonly referred to as Closed Pod Kits. This is because the pod is "closed" by the manufacturer and cannot be re-filled.

Can you use any pod in a prefilled pod vape kit?

Each brand of prefiiled vape kit has it's own type of pod and these are not interchangeable. So it is recommended that you look at the whole range of flavours available from a brand before you buy a prefilled vape kit to ensure that brand is right for you.

Can you refill a prefilled pod kit?

You cannot refill an individual pod for a prefilled vape kit, instead you replace the whole pod. This makes the ease of use simpler and means that no maintenance is required for the pod. 

Are prefilled pod kits good for beginners?

Yes, all prefilled pod kits are perfect for anyone that is new to vaping. They are low cost to get started, simple to use and practically maintenance free. They also replicate the nicotine strength and throat hit of cigarettes, making them a good option for people who are looking to switch away from smoking.

What is the best prefilled vape kit?

All prefilled vape kits have similar technical specs and pricing so deciding which is the best prefilled vape kit for you usually comes down to the flavour options. Depending on your past experience and what you are looking for we have a few recommendations for you:

  • If you are used to disposable vapes and their selection of flavours, then the Elf Bar Elfa Pro vape kit is a great choice. Each of the pods is identical to the most popular disposable flavours.
  • If you are looking for the most diverse range of flavours then the Vuse Pro Pod Kit is a great choice, with over 30 flavours available, ranging fro traditional Tobacco flavours to unique fresh flavours such as Cucumber Mix.
  • If you are looking for a kit with some advanced features, then the JUUL2 Starter Kit will be perfect. You can link it to the app and monitor your usage and even find lost devices.