Vape Kits

UK ECIG STORE is here to help you make the switch from tobacco to vaping. With support from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, there has never been a better time to make the switch to vaping. We have many types of hardware for you to choose from, if you are new to vaping we have a vape FAQ section that will answer all your vape related questions.

For starters we recommend the One Kit - this vape kit has helped countless smokers transition to vaping. If you are already a vaper why not upgrade to a Smok Species Kit. We offer free delivery on orders over £20 and DHL next day is available as well.

After you have chosen your vape kit make sure to check out our e-liquid section and choose from over 500 vape juices.

  • Smok - Trinity Alpha Mesh Pod Kit

    Smok - Trinity Alpha Mesh Pod Kit


    The Trinity Alpha is a new open pod system by Smok which is compact and features an internal 1000mAh battery. The device has implemented an ingenio...

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  • Aspire - K1 Stealth Vape Kit - Black

    Aspire - K1 Stealth Vape Kit


    The Aspire K1 Stealth Kit is just what you are looking for if you need a compact and stealthy device which fits discreetly in the palm of your hand...

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  • One Vape - Lambo II Resin Edition Vape Pod Kit - Black Phantom Blue

    One Vape Lambo Resin Edition Vape Pod Kit

    One Vape

    The Lambo is a revolutionary smart pod system with two different types of pods. One of the pods is a 1.6 Ohm cotton coil and the other is a 1.0 Ohm...

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  • Smok Morph 219W E-Cigarette Kit
    Save 8%

    Smok Morph 219W E-Cigarette Kit

    Original Price £64.99
    Current Price £59.99

    The Smok Morph 219W Kit is the latest Vape kit to land from Smok. Featuring 219W of Power with firing speeds of as fast as 0.001s and a 1.9 inch To...

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  • Smok Species Kit - Gold Black
    Save 17%

    Smok - Species 230W E-Cigarette Kit

    Original Price £59.99
    Current Price £49.99

    The Smok Species Kit V2 230W is the newest vaping kit to hit the market from Smok. The device is capable of up to 230W of power and supports temper...

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  • Uwell - Nunchaku E-Cigarette Starter Kit - Sapphire Blue

    Uwell Nunchaku Kit


    Uwell has been sitting on top of the leaderboard and are renown for the range of tanks that they have produced, now they have come out with their f...

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  • Aspire PockeX - Rose Gold

    Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO


    The Aspire PockeX is an All-in-One (AIO) vaping device. It is shorter than the iPhone5s and comes with a pre-installed 0.6 Ohm stainless steel Naut...

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  • Smok X-Priv 225W E-Cigarette Kit - Chrome

    Smok - X-Priv 225W E-Cigarette Kit


    The Smok X-Priv 225W E-Cigarette Kit is a mod which has a complete front face that is all screen! It employs a newly designed UI and has maximum of...

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  • LDN LIQ EZY Kit - Victoria
    Save 71%

    LDN LIQ EZY Kit - Victoria

    Original Price £34.99
    Current Price £9.99

    The LDN LIQ EZY Kit comes with a 2ml EZY click pod containing Victoria e-liquid in 6mg of nicotine. Pods kits have grown in popularity and the EZY ...

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  • Smok - Stick V9 Vape Kit - Black Plating

    Smok - Stick V9 Vape Kit


    The Smok Stick V9 is a new pen style vape kit from Smok which comes equipped with a 3000mAh built in battery and also the new TFV-Baby V2 sub ohm t...

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  • Smok - X-Priv Baby E-Cigarette Kit - Black/ Red

    Smok - X-Priv Baby E-Cigarette Kit


    The Smok X-Priv Baby E-Cigarette Kit combines a new, smaller version of the X-Priv mod which has an internal battery giving an 80W maximum power ou...

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  • Lost Vape - Orion DNA Go Pod Kit - black/ocean scallop

    Lost Vape - Orion DNA Go Pod Kit

    Lost Vape

    The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pod is an exciting new vaping kit to hit the market and it's packed full of features, some of which we have never seen o...

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  • Smok - Nord E-Cigarette Kit - Black Carbon Fibre

    Smok - Nord E-Cigarette Kit


    The Nord Kit by Smok is a newly designed, button-triggered, pod system vaping kit. It has a 1100mAh build in battery which is very large for a pod ...

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  • Vladdin - RE Full Pod Kit - Black

    Vladdin - RE Full Pod Kit


    The Vladdin RE Pod Kit is a new pod system that uses ceramic coils within a 1.5ml capacity pod. This kit is perfect for use with either Salt Nic or...

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  • SnowWolf - MFeng 200W TC Kit- Full Stainless Steel

    SnowWolf - MFeng 200W TC Kit


    The Snow Wolf Mfeng 200w TC Kit is a high end device with striking looks and features a 3D image of the snow wolf on the back of the device. The de...

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  • Vaping Outlaws - Enforcer Kit
    Save 43%

    Vaping Outlaws - Enforcer Kit

    Vaping Outlaws
    Original Price £34.99
    Current Price £19.99

    The brilliant Enforcer RDA and Enforcer Mod combine to create the aptly named, "Enforcer Kit". A high quality and durable mechanical mod + RDA kit....

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  • Smok Stick P25 Vape Kit - Black

    Smok Stick P25 Vape Kit Stick Prince


    The Smok Stick P25 is the newest in pen style devices from Smok. The P25 Kit is newly designed with a hexagonal power button and a carefully carved...

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  • Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit - Black

    Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit


    The Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit. A great device from Aspire, this kit comes with a K3 1200mAh battery and is paired with the K3 tank. Ideal for mouth...

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  • Smok - Priv M17 E-Cigarette kit - Black/red

    Smok - Priv M17 E-Cigarette Kit


    The new Priv M17 comes with Priv M17 mod and Stick 17mm tank. Ergonomically designed, slim but featuring a unique design, making it comfortable to ...

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  • Artery Pal Mini E-Cigarette kit - Black
    Save 20%

    Artery Pal Mini E-Cigarette Kit

    Original Price £19.99
    from £15.99

    The PAL Mini is the baby brother of the original PAL e-cigarette kit. The mini has some advantages whilst cutting the size down, it still manages t...

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  • Smok Fit Pod E-Cigarette Kit - Colours

    Smok - Fit E-Cigarette Kit


    Light and portable, the Smok Fit kit is a slim, all in one e-cigarette kit. This pod system features a built-in 250mAh battery which can be easily ...

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  • Smok - Vape Pen 22 Light Edition Vape Kit - Gold

    Smok - Vape Pen 22 Light Edition Vape Kit


    The Smok Vape Pen 22 Light Edition is the updated version of the original Vape Pen 22 and now comes equipped with a light up tank. As you use the V...

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  • Innokin - Proton E-Cigarette Kit

    Innokin - Proton E-Cigarette Kit


    The Innokin Proton 235W e-cigarette kit is a high-performance box mod with a joystick style controller and a 1.45 inch TFT colour screen display. T...

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  • Smok - Infinix E-Cigarette Kit - All colours

    Smok - Infinix E-Cigarette Kit


    Mini, portable, light. The Infinix kit created by Smok is all-in-one pod system with a 250mAh built-in battery. With no buttons to press, all you d...

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  • How safe are e-cigarettes?

    This has been one of the most popular questions in vaping since the beginning.Contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes are very safe and have been rated as being 95% less harmful by the NHS, as well as various other sources. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos M.D. one of the leading authorities in e-cigarette health and research has published dozens of studies, showing the effect of smoking vs. vaping. One particular study of Dr. Farsalinos, is based on researching the effect of smoking and vaping on the elasticity of arteries, further proving that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.


    What is the Best 'E-Cig' to help me Quit smoking

    If you’re looking to switch to vaping, there are plenty of options for your first device. Our most recommended device is The One Kit. The one kit was designed by our dedicated team of engineers through years of research and development, in order to be the best choice for anyone who is looking to make the switch. This complete kit went on to become our most successful e-cigarette and has been receiving nothing but good reviews ever since.


    What Types of E-Cigarettes are there on the market?

    • The basic “starter e-cigarettes” are the simplest form and are very easy to use.
    • Pod Kits are very similar to the starter e-cigarettes, although the coil and tank are a single unit, to be attached to the device. The pods are easy to replace and are amongst the easiest devices to use
    • Sub Ohm devices are aimed towards more advanced users as they require a certain know-how in order to operate and use. Sub Ohm Coils are heating elements within the device but measure below 1.00 Ω. The power requirements are different than Standard Coils and the style of vaping changes also.

    What you need to know before buying your first E-Cigarette Kit

    E-Cigarettes are different that regular tobacco cigarettes, in the sense that they are used very differently.


    • The action of vaping and smoking remains the same, but there is no set time to stop vaping. Smoking a regular cigarette, they are put out once they reach the butt however, e-cigarettes must be used until the vaper is satisfied with their nicotine intake.
    • Coils are the heating elements inside an e-cigarette which vapouriases the e-liquid and need to be replaced regularly, once a week or so, depending on use. The heating element can become less efficient as time goes by, due to the buildup of carbon on the coil, produced by the e-liquid.
    • Your nicotine level must me equal or slightly higher than your previous tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that again, e-cigarettes differ and the nicotine delivery does too. Each user must make sure that their e-liquid nicotine levels are correct and a simple trip to one of our stores in either Camden, Wembley or Fleet Street could get you a first hand guide by allowing you to try a series of liquids.
    • Always charge your batteries as the last thing you need is to be caught out with a dead battery, half way through the day. We recommend purchasing spare batteries, just in case.