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Vape mods allow you to customise your vaping experience with additional features and modes, like temperature control and variable wattage control. All mod vapes come separately from the vape tank, allowing you to match up your ideal tank and mod combination to further personalise your setup. So, if you are now looking to move on from your starter e-cigarette, a vape mod could be a good option. Take a look at our range of the latest options, including box, squonk and mechanical mods, all from the top brands, including Vaporesso, Freemax and GeekVape. Shop the best mods today at UK ECIG STORE and vape just the way you like it.

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Mods FAQ

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod is the main part of your vape kit that provides the power and controls. That's why they're also sometimes referred to as batteries. 

The term "mod" is believed to be derived from the word "modify". In the early days of e-cigarettes, vapers began tweaking their devices to boost power. Recognising this tend, vape manufacturers started adding additional features to their devices, and vape mods were born. 

What is a pod mod vape?

Pod mods are a hybrid of a traditional high-powered mod and a modern pod kit. You get the ease of simple refills and pod changes typical of pod kits, along with the high power and extra modes found in mods. 

However, with pod mods, the tank is built into the pod itself. This setup means you can't choose your own tank separately, as you're limited to using the specific pod designed for your device.

What are the advantages of a Mod?

Mods are used primarily because of their features, one of the most important being variable wattage. This setting allows the user to increase the amount of power going to the coil, fine-tuning the intensity of vapour production, flavour, and throat hit according to personal preference.

Other features include circuit protection and temperature. These features let you really customise your vaping experience by running the coil at a specific temperature of your choice, whereas this would usually vary once your batteries begin to run low. You can also tailor temperature control to extend the life of your coils. 

Additionally, by buying your mod and tank separately, you can further personalise your experience or continue to make use of a favourite tank with a new mod.

What kind of battery life can I expect from a Variable Wattage Mod?

Mods usually operate with single or dual 18650 batteries. Each battery has a rating of around 2000mAh compared to a beginner vape kit, which can vary between 350mAh to around 800mAh or more. With a dual battery kit you can expect to get a full day's use from your mod. If you are using a single battery mod, you can expect to need to change your battery during the course of the day if you want to use higher power settings.

What power can I expect with the use of a mod?

Mods come with a variety of options and styles, but the feature most vapers look at is the power rating. The latest mods will let you vary the power from as low as 5 watts all the way up to 200 watts or a little more in some cases. This allows you to vary the coil's resistance and really tailor your experience, influencing factors like flavour intensity and throat hit.
To learn more about mods and coil resistance, take a look at our beginner's guide to sub-ohm vaping.

What are the different types of mods?

There are two main types of mods: regulated mods and mech mods. 

  • Regulated mods – These contain a chipset and software that controls the power settings functions and mod safety settings. Types of regulated mods include box and squonk mods. Box mods are the traditional style mod that accepts a tank on the top, and the body contains the batteries and chipset. Squonk mods are another specialist type of mod that contains a squeezable bottle, allowing you to feed more e-liquid directly into the tank.
  • Mech mods or mechanical mods – This type of mod was very popular among vape enthusiasts in the late 2010’s as they offered high reliability due to their lack of electronics or chipset and could be built to suit your style. However the chipset is also what provides the safety measures in a vape device and a mech mod shouldn’t be used unless the user has an understanding of Ohm’s law and electrical science.

What is the best vape mod?

New mods are released every day, so choosing the best vape mod in the UK is ever-changing. However, we can help you find a place to start. 

If you are looking for the best mod with simple controls, then take a look at Eleaf mods. 

For the best mod with advanced features, consider Smok, who have an extensive range of modes and options, all easy to use in well laid out menus. Or, for a truly luxurious mod, the best option is Lost Vape mods, where you will find exotic materials, such as engraved aluminium alloys and leather inlays.

What is better, built-in or removable batteries?

All batteries in mods are rechargeable, whether via a USB cable for internal batteries or in a separate charger for removable batteries. 

However, vape mods with an internal battery are very simple to use, and the bonus of not having lots of batteries lying around is definitely a positive. Although, if the battery completely dies and can no loger hold charge, you'll need to replace the whole device. 

External batteries allow you to simply change them when they have lost power with fully charged batteries. This means you can get back to vaping straight away.

To learn more, read our guide on how to charge batteries safely.

How much do vape mods cost?

Vape mods usually cost between £20 and £60 depending on the amount of power of the mod and the number of features. 

For advanced features and modes, like temperature control and automatic power sensing, you can expect prices to start from £40.

Do all mods have temperature control?

Not all mods have temperature control, but there is a large selection of vape mods that do. 

Almost all variable wattage mods now come with a temperature mode as standard. This allows the vaper to determine the temperature that the coils will reach, ensuring a consistent and precise vaping experience with each puff.

To use temperature mode, you'll need to ensure that your vape tank uses a suitable wire (the material of the coils inside the vape tank), like Nickel (Ni200) or Stainless Steel (SS316/SS316L). This ensures optimal performance and safety while vaping at controlled temperatures.

To check which type of coil is compatible with TC mode on your kit you will need to refer to the manufacturers website. In general you are looking for a stainless steel, nickel or titanium coil.