Freemax is a vaping company originating from China. They have created some stand out products such as the Fireluke Sub Ohm tank and have recently released the Mesh Pro Tank. The Mesh Pro is the first tank to have double, triple, quad mesh coils and they even have a sextuple version too. Freemax continue to create original products which give both great flavour and large vapour production and long may it continue.

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Who is FreeMax?

FreeMax is a vape hardware manufacturer which was founded in 2013. Freemax was the first to launch the Dual Vertical Mesh Coil sub-ohm tank, and the first Single, Double, Triple, Quad and Quintuple mesh coil sub-ohm tank.

What does kanthal wire mean?

Kanthal wire is a chromium aluminium alloy and is used to build Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers for Mechanical Mods. Kanthal Wire can be used in many different sizes and on many different types of Rebuildable Atomizers

Why triple coils are good?

The triple mesh can have more coil on cotton and more airflow on coils. Mesh is designed for saving your battery and still getting good cloud and flavour production.

Why Mesh coils are better than normal?

The mesh coil has a metal mesh that surrounds the cotton while the regular coil has a wire wrapping the cotton. As a result, the mesh coil has more metal surface in contact around the cotton and produces a more even heat along the cotton.