Vype is now Vuse. We all need a little refreshment once in a while, and one of the industries leading Epen brands have done exactly that. Vype is embracing the fresh new beginnings of spring has stripped off the old and brought in an all new revolutionary range that goes by the name of Vuse. Check out our exclusive range here.

Make your first-ever kit a Vuse e-cig, and get all of your Vuse suppliers on our site for the best price.

Vuse, formerly known as Vype, is a popular vape brand that specialises in ultra thin, starter pen-style vape kits. If you're interested in vaping Vuse is the ultimate e-cigarette for you, especially if you're a smoker interested in quitting, as most of their products are exactly like a cigarette, but electronic. Vuse is known for their closed pod system vapes, which means you cant change the e-liquid in the pods, which makes for a super easy, convenient and hassle free vaping experience.



VUSE Vape Kits

Vuse have recently launched excellent quality easy to use vape kits. They all use modern and technologically advanced kits that are super easy to use. Vuse kits are sleek in design and have a fairly powerful battery for their size. Former smokers love these kits as they are super low effort and completely hassle free, they also provide the vaper with an extremely satisfying strong throat hit, which is reminiscent of a combustible cigarette.

VUSE Pre-fillable Pods

Vuse have two different types of prefilled pods for their devices - Nic Salt pods and standard pods. Prefilled pods are pods that have already been filled my the manufacturer with e-liquid and cannot be topped up. You simply pop them in and out of your device and dispose of them when they are empty, easy! Vuse standard Pods come in a number of delicious flavours, from your traditional tobacco flavours to more unique flavours such as Vanilla and Baked Apple. Pre-filled standard pods are perfect for people who want a lower nicotine intake as strengths range from 0mg to 18mg. These can be used to the ePen.

VUSE Nic Salt Pods

Vuse nic salts can be used for both the ePod and the ePen - remember to double-check you have put the right ones in your basket for your kit. Nic Salts are incredibly popular as they allow vapers to gain a really strong nicotine intake without having a harsh experience that burns out your pod. The nicotine in Nic Salts react faster, and enter your system easier giving you an overall strong nicotine hit in comparison your standard pods. Nic Salts give you a super smooth vaping experience, and strong throat hit. Despite this, they operate in the exact same way as your standard pre-filled pods, pop them in and dispose of them when you're done.


UK ECIG STORE were thrilled to hear that Vype were upgrading their brand to Vuse. Everyone needs a makeover from time to time and Vuse came back strong with a range of upgraded and enhanced vape devices and pods. We truly recommend this brand for anyone that wants to quit smoking, and we will ensure to keep up to date with all of their amazing new releases in the future.

Vuse FAQs

Where to buy Vuse?

We are proud to stock a wide range of Vuse products on our site, from the latest Vuse kits, to Vuse pods, check out our amazing collection here.

What is Vuse?

Vuse is a collection of high quality closed pod devices. Meaning the pods come pre-filled with e-liquid. Each device has different qualities, and although resemble disposable kits, they can be recharged and interchanged with pods. 

How to use Vuse?

Vuse devices are super easy to use, once it's fully charged, pop your pod and start vaping, it's as easy as that! Vuse kits have an automatic or draw activated system, which means it doesn't have a fire button, so you inhale to activate. Each pod has pre-installed coils, so no need to change or fiddle with them.

Where to buy Vuse Alto?

Vuse Alto is an older version of Vuse kits, we have a number of brand new amazing Vuse products on our site to choose from that is upgraded and carefully crafted to give you the perfect inhale every time you vape.

What are the best Vuse Products?

The Vuse ePod and Vuse ePen 2 are our most popular devices from Vuse. These can be used with a range of Vuse Pods that contain regular e-liquid or are also available with pre-filled nicotine salts.