50ml Shortfill E-Liquids

Shortfill E-Liquids come in larger bottles to accommodate 50ml of vape juice with a 10ml space for adding either a nicotine booster or nic shot. Please note that these two additional items are sold separately. The larger size of a 50ml shortfill E-Liquid bottle makes them perfect for Sub-Ohm vaping, especially if you are using a large vape tank that gets through a lot of vape juice. From our extensive collection, you will find 50ml shortfill E-Liquids which contain exciting flavours produced by leading brands such as Dinner Lady, Twelve Monkeys and Nasty Juice. We have also included money saving deals in this selection.

Nexus 50ml Fuji Blend
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Cotton & Cable 50ml - Baked Apple
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Cotton & Cable 50ml - Buttermint
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Cotton & Cable 50ml - Custard Tart
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Why are 50ml short fill E-Liquids so popular?

The reason 50ml Short Fill bottles are so popular is they are handy sized bottles which give the option of being able to add nicotine shots if required. Almost all E-Liquid manufacturers now have a 50ml short fill range too, making this size readily available in almost all of the popular ranges of vape juices.

What is the price of a 50ml short fill E-Liquid?

There are a lot of different ranges of 50ml short fill E-Liquids and their prices vary too. We have ranges of vape juices that are available in 50ml short fill bottles that are priced between £6.99 to £14.99.

What is the most popular 50ml short fill E-Liquid?

There have been a lot of popular 50ml short fill E-Liquids but the most popular of all time is Blue Crush High VG by ourselves, UK ECIG STORE. LDN LIQ’s Strawberry & Watermelon Ice has seen a huge rise in following and continues to gain popularity with our customers and staff alike.

Can I add nicotine to a 50ml short fill E-Liquid?

You can add a single 10ml nicotine shot to a 50ml short fill E-Liquid. This will allow you to increase the nicotine content of your e-liquid to 3mg/ml and if you would need a higher nicotine strength than this, you will need to use a mixing bottle and increase the number of nicotine shots added, until you reach the desired strength.

Which Sub Ohm E-Liquid Works Best In a Smok Vape Kit?

If you've recently purchased a Smok Vape Kit from our UK Vape Shop then finding the best e juice to go with it makes the difference between a successful transition to vaping or giving up. When it comes to picking the right sub ohm vape juice for your Smok ecig the choice is limitless. You would want to look for a sub ohm e juice that has a VG/PG Ratio higher than 50/50 which will produce a dense cloud thats full of flavour. The LDN LIQ Sub Ohm E-Liquid range is a great example and comes in a range of Fruity, Menthol and Tobacco flavour.

Want To Try The Best Shortfill Bottle?

Why not try the flavour you want to purchase before taking the plunge? Visit a Vape Shop Near Me to try a range of different flavour 50ml short fills from a host of different e liquid manufactures. Our Vape Shop stocks over a 1000 different e juice bottles from the leading brands such as, LDN LIQ, Twelve Monkey's, Dinner Lady Shortfill and the leading Malaysian E Liquid brand Nasty Juice.