Vape Kit Bundles

Our expertly trained staff are on hand to help with everything vape related and they use each product, in order to find it's ins and outs. Their favourite devices end up here as staff picks for you to enjoy. If it's good enough for them, they should be perfect for you!

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Our Staff Picks Bundles was hand-picked by our expert team. These awesome boxes were designed to give you everything you need in new kit pus more. Each bundle contains a variety of different products that were designed for vapers of all types.

We have some of the most sought after kits or e-liquids in each bundle from some of the industry-leading brands.

The staff picks bundle deals help you get more for less and save money while still getting high-quality popular products on our site. Get your humble bundle now and save big!

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Staff Pick Shortfill Bundle

Our Shotfill E-Liquid Bundles contain a fantastic array of e-liquids from some amazing high-quality brands.

Shortfill E-Liquids were designed for sub-ohm DTL vapers that use high powered sub-ohm kits.

Many of our shortfill e-liquids bundles come with a premium nicotine shot so you'll have everything you need in one sweet bundle.

Staff Pick Nic Salt Bundle

Our Nicotine Salt E-Liquid staff picks Bundles contain e-liquids from some premium level leading industry brands

Nic salts e-liquids were designed for beginners or anyone like likes to have a satisfying MTL experience.

Nicotine salts often have high or medium-level nicotine content, making them great for anyone that wants to quit smoking.

Staff Pick Starter Kit Bundle

Our amazing kit staff pick bundles were chosen by our staff who love to use MTL pod kits and disposables.

Disposable kits and pod kits staff picks were designed to give you an easy yet satisfying vaping experience and are very popular with beginners.

Pod Kit staff picks bundles were carefully crafted to give you everything you need in a bundle, they often contain a popular kit, coils, nicotine salt or 50:50 e-liquids and maybe something extra!

Staff Pick disposable bundles contain a variety of different disposables from a variety of different brands and flavours.

We have bundles from some of the industry-leading brands including Smok, Elf Bar, Geek Vape and more!

Staff Pick Sub-Ohm Kit Bundles

Our excellent sub-ohm bundles were designed for advanced vapers, and hand-picked by staff that are passionate about everything vaping.

Sub-Ohm kits are designed to give you a satisfying DTL vaping experience.

Our Sub-Ohm staff picks bundle collections contain incredible kits from some super-popular brands, including Geek Vape and Smok. Each bundle may also include the correct coils, a battery if required, E-Liquids, a nicotine shot and a battery charger.