HEETS are Tobacco sticks that are used with IQOS kits that - unlike traditional cigarettes, heat up the tobacco, rather than burn it, producing vapour not smoke. HEETS sticks are a great alternative to smoking, as they produce fewer harmful toxins compared to cigarettes.

Check out the full range of IQOS HEETS flavours below to find your best flavour and intensity.

Explore our HEETS flavour chart below to find your best HEETS flavour.

HEETS tobacco sticks are only for use with IQOS Original Duo kits, if you are looking for tobacco stocks for your IQOS Original Duo device then check out our range of IQOS TEREA.

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IQOS HEETS are the tobacco sticks that are made for use only in the IQOS device. They are produced with real tobacco, but rather than being burned like traditional cigarettes they are heated, which means that there is no smoke or ash produced and the vapour does not contain any tar!

IQOS HEETS Flavours:

There are 10 great IQOS HEETS flavours that offer a wide range of tobacco blends and intensities

Amber HEETS Amber - A classic tobacco flavour with a medium intensity and body

Blue HEETS - A mild tobacco flavour with cooling menthol

Green HEETS - A light tobacco flavour with a gentle menthol flavour

Mauve HEETS - A fresh menthol tobacco blend with a dark forest fruit taste

Russet HEETS - A rich tobacco flavour with earthy flavour tones

Sienna Caps HEETS - A rounded tobacco flavour with a zesty mint tone

Sienna HEETS - A round and intense tobacco flavour with a light tea aroma

Teak HEETS - A toasted tobacco flavour with oaky flavour note

Turquoise HEETS -  A light tobacco blend with a cooling menthol

Yellow HEETS - A mellow tobacco blend with a zesty citrus aroma