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Find the best Starter Vape Tank for your kit from our extensive range. Choose from Clearomizers to MTL starter E-cig tanks that have been designed to suit the needs of novices. We have also included low-wattage ecig tanks to fit neatly inside new and starter vape kits. Generally, these small vape tanks are best vape tank for beginners.


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Which is the best starter tank?

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is probably the best performing starter tank that has been released by any vape tank manufacturer. It provides a great vaping experience with a mouth to lung (MTL) style of inhaling. Paired with the reliability of the Aspire BVC coils there are not many tanks out there that can rival the superior performance of the Nautilus Mini.

The Nautilus is known as the best MTL tank, is this correct?

The Nautilus range of tanks, yes. Originally there was a large 5ml Nautilus tank that took the vaping world by storm. Aspire then released their smaller 2ml Nautilus Mini and this continued their popularity with vapers, for creating incredible starter tanks. The range has since expanded with the Nautilus 2 and Nautilus 2S being creating to continue the Aspire legacy of MTL tanks.

What resistance of coils do starter tanks use?

Usually, a starter tank will tend to have a resistance of between 1.2 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm which provides a mouth to lung style of vaping. There are a few starter tanks that have been created which have a sub ohm resistance and they can usually be used up to around 25W - 30W of power.

What is the E-Liquid capacity in a starter tank?

All tanks, whether starter tanks or otherwise, will have a 2ml E-Liquid capacity since the TPD regulations came into force. Some manufacturers do create replacement glass tubes for their starter kits to increase the capacity above 2ml but these would usually need to be purchased separately.

What is mouth to lung vaping?

Mouth to Lung vaping, or most commonly known as MTL vaping is a vaping style that in simple terms the same as how most people inhale a cigarette.

Flavour and nicotine are delivered in a standard method, in order to deliver the satisfaction, usually having a setup which outputs at 15 Watts or lower. Since the devices function at a low power rate, users might not get a satisfactory nicotine level, and ultimately opting for higher nicotine strengths, which can cause harshness on the throat area. This can be easily adjusted by adopting Nic Salts, as they can have a high nicotine content in their e liquids, but avoid throat harshness altogether.

What are the benefits of using mouth to lung tanks?

There are three main benefits on using MTL vaping; one is low-profile vaping, which allows for less visible vapour and smell of it. Secondly we have convenience, since the devices are in average smaller, less vape juice is consumed over time. And finally we have saving, as MTL devices in general, are more affordable than Sub-Ohm devices and cheaper to maintain.

To whom MTL tanks would be a perfect fit?

MTL tanks are perfect fit for those who favour low profile vaping and also for new vapers. It is in average cheaper to maintain an MTL tank compared to a Sub-Ohm one. Also they are usually designed in a way to make maintenance more direct and simpler, giving newcomers into the vaping world, fewer hassles to take care off.

What liquids are best used with MTL tanks?

Ideally if you use an MTL tank, it would be ideal to use juices that have a PG content of 50% or lower. This is because VG is a fairly thick liquids, and since the coil resistance equipped by MTL tanks is fairly high, this will cause coils to burn prematurely. In regards, which type of nicotine going for, Salt Nicotine is smoother than Freebase, therefore if you require a high nicotine dose, Nic Salts e liquids should be the best option for you, as it avoids harsh throat hit and is quickly assimilated by your body.

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