Refillable Vape Pods

Refillable Vape Pods combine the selection of a tank while providing the simplicity of a pre-filled pod. Refillable pods allow you to choose your flavour of e-liquid from our range of juices, without the hassle of constructing and de-constructing your entire kit and tank. Its a slightly more advanced method of vaping with the convenience and environmental benefits of a refillable pod.

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Refillable Pods Range

Vape pods come in a range of different types, some use closed pod systems meaning you are unable to change the coils or the e-liquid.

Re-fillable pods allow you to change the e-liquid and often change the coils when they are done. 

Pods are becoming increasingly popular due to their sheer ease and simplicity in comparison to what some might call 'fiddly' tanks.

Refillable pods are available for a variety of different devices, but they are often specific to the kit so make sure you are getting the correct pod for the correct kit.