Starter E-Cigarettes

From our selection, you will find affordable, compact, and easy-to-use Starter E-Cigarettes that come highly recommended by both our staff and customers. When selecting vape kits for this range, we wanted to make sure that we included E-cigarettes which supported beginner friendly functions so as to make the transition from smoking to vaping nice and simple. On the bottom of this page, we have also provided some informative guides which have been specially designed to answer all your questions concerning Vape starter kits

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All About Vape Starter Kits

If you're an E-cig starter, wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of a vape starter kit. Look no further. Our Vape Shop trusted colleagues have put together a simple easy to read handy guide that outlines the key essentials for every e-cig starter and e cigarette starter kit.

Are starter kits suitable for a new vaper?

Starter kits have been specially designed for use by new vapers. They are very simple to use and are a great way to make the switch to vaping. Starter kits require very minimal maintenance with replacement coils being the only replacement part within the vape kit. Most starter kits have a mouth to lung (MTL) inhaling style and will simulate the throat hit if you use nicotine based E-Liquids.

Which brands make really good and easy to use starter kits?

Our very own UK ECIG STORE One Kit vape kit is the top selling starter kit that we have ever sold. It is a compact pen style vape kit that is extremely simple to use. The kit will provide you with a constant 14W of power using a coil with a 1.5 Ohm resistance, providing the perfect amount of throat hit from the nicotine and vapour production of a new vaper.

Do starter kits use replacement coils?

Most starter kits will use replacement coils as it is a much better way to vape and it will avoid you having to replace your tank/kit. If your starters kit does not use replacement coils then it will probably work out more expensive, especially if you are using a disposable vape kit.

What are the best e-cig starter kits?

The One Kit e cig is one of the best e cig starter kit’s currently available. Recently featuring in the Queen Mary University Clinical Trial

Which is the best E-Liquid for a starter kit?

All E-Liquids can be used within a starters kit although it is always advised to use a 70PG/30VG ratio E-Liquid as it is the optimum ratio for use within a starter kit. We would recommend using the UK ECIG STORE 10ml range to start with, especially flavours like Blue Crush or Purple Rain if you like fruity flavours or Tobacco Royale if you are looking for a tobacco flavoured vape juice.

Which Is The Best Vape Starter Kit in the UK?

As a trusted e-cigarette retailer since 2012, we at UK ECIG STORE have painstakingly searched for the best e cig starter kit for you. Based on our own experienced staff reviews and by listening to you, the customers, we have complied a list if the best vape starter kits currently on the market. Whether you're looking for a pod style or pod kit device such as the Innokin Podin or a vape pen starters kit like our best selling The One Kit vape kit, available with a selection of free nicotine e liquids, we have a huge selection to choose from and now available with same day delivery (Location Varies) and UK Wide next day delivery.

Looking for E Cig Starter Kit's That are Cheap?

If you're still looking for a e liquid free vape starter kit with free shipping... Then look no further and search for a vape shop near me as we've got you covered. Visit one of our many uk wide locations to find a range of great starter kits with free vape e juices from 50ml short fill e liquids to 10ml nicotine salt e-liquids suited for MTL (Mouth to Lung) starter e cigarettes.

Why not try our disposable vape kits ?

We have the best disposable vapes from some of the biggest brands in our disposables vapes section.