Hit specialises in the production of Nicotine Pouches. With a popular range of smoke and vape-free nicotine consumption products, they provide a great way to consume nicotine when vaping is not possible such as in the office or on a plane. Made using nicotine substrate extracted from tobacco leaves, these pouches don't actually contain any physical tobacco.

Each nicotine pouch by Hit contains 15mg of nicotine and lasts for around 30 minutes. Place one between your lip and gum and wait for the tingling sensation to kick in. Every tub contains 20 pouches which allows for around 10 hours of nicotine consumption per tub.

Select a flavour that appeals to you most and give it a go! Looking to quit smoking? Hit Nicotine Pouches can help subside the nicotine craving making it a lot easier to resist picking up a cigarette.

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