Vaporesso is a front-runner within the UK vaping industry and is known for providing the best innovative designs, excellent quality and cutting edge technology using their advanced electronics for box mods, known as the OMNI Board. Our Vaporesso online store has a range of products that offers something for everyone, whether you are a novice looking for a starter kit or a professional wanting a sub-ohm vaping experience. Vaporesso is certainly one to look out for.

Vaporesso GT Cores Coils
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Vaporesso Gen Box Mod
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Vaporesso Gen Box Mod

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Vaporesso Orca Solo OC CCell Ceramic Coils
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Vaporesso Gen S Vape Kit
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Vaporesso Xros Pod Kit
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Vaporesso Gen 220W Vape Kit
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Vaporesso GTX GO 40
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Vaporesso PodStick Pod Kit
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Vaporesso EUC Ceramic Coils
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Vaporesso Luxe II 220W Mod
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Vaporesso BARR Pod Kit
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Vaporesso Polar Vape Kit
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Vaporesso Degree Replacement Pods
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Vaporesso LUXE II Vape Kit
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Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Kit
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Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Kit

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Vaporesso Target PM30 Pod Kit
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Vaporesso Degree Mesh Pod Kit
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Founded in 2014 by parent company SMOORE, had more than 14 years of industry experience before they were established. Vaporesso has consistently brought a level of elegance and innovation to the vapers in the UK and worldwide, and had solidified their voice In the industry for creating sleek and stylish products.


VAPORESSO Vape Kits & Mods

Vaporesso have one the most diverse collection of kits and mods in the industry. They strive to create outstanding quality devices for a wide variety of vapers and preferences, from sleek pen-style kits which home a small internal battery to more robust rugged box mods which use dual external batteries.


As you may have noticed, manufacturers have started to do a shift from hardy tanks and started to sway more to the pod style tanks. We have seen this with some of the Vaporesso products these pods give you the same benefits of a tank but essentially easier to use. Despite this, Vaporesso have continued to produce high quality traditional tanks and RDA atomisers. 


Vaporesso coils have one thing in common, and that is that they are of exquisite quality. They are created with care and consideration from mesh coils to ceramic coils the result is always breathtaking.


UK ECIG STORE are incredibly proud to stock one of the biggest ranges of Vaporesso products within the UK. Vaporesso products speak to a variety of vapers as they are versatile and considerate. We supply something for everyone, and ensure to keep up to date with their latest starter kits, coils, mods and tanks.

Who Are Vaporesso?

Created in 2015, Vaporesso is a stylish vaping brand that is based on innovation, high quality and strict quality control. They have the ultimate goal to make a smoke-free world and help people live healthier lives.

What are the best Vaporesso Products?

Vaporesso has a number of different products for all levels of vapers. Some of their most popular products are the Vaporesso Xros Pod Kit, which was designed for beginners and the Vaporesso Luxe series, including the Luxe II for sub-ohm vapers.

Can I use any Vaporesso Coil in any tank?

GTX Coil - Target PM80 pod (all GTX coils) Target MP30 Pod (GTX 0.6ohm Mesh/0.8ohm Mesh/ 1.2ohm regular coils).

QF Coil - All series Skrr tanks.

GT coil & GT CCELL Coil - All NRG and Skrr Series tanks.

EUC Coil - Depends on specific tank, find out more here

Are All Vaporesso tanks compatible with all mods?

This will depend on the connection. Most tanks and mods will have a 510 pin connecter but check to see if the Vaporesso tank or mod is compatible with your hardware. As long as the tank/mod has the 510 connection they can work together.

Why does my Vaporesso tank leak?

Leakage can be a result of a number of things, to prevent or fix leaking ensure:

  • your tank is fitten proberly
  • your are trying not to turn your tank upside down
  • you clean your tank regularly
  • you make sure your airflow is tight enough
  • you are using the correct coils
  • you are using the correct e-liquid

Where can I buy Vaporesso Products?

You can buy an array of Vaporesso products from our website, we stock a number of coils, pod kits and sub-ohm kits to choose from.